Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why am I posting this?

I'm sitting here in my underwear, don't picture it, without my glasses - squinting to see the computer screen, stewing about the long list of things I wanted to do before 11:00, wishing Fischer would wake up- but not wanting to wake him up because it is so strange that he is still asleep at 9:15 am - and waking children up seems like some sort of sin - especially when I complain about him not sleeping all of the time. How's that for a run-on sentence?

What? You say I could be cleaning up my house or completing a number of in-home tasks that need to be done and I should rearrange my schedule to do the out-of-house things after our 11:00 soccer? Shut up. It is nice of you to offer up your practical advice, but I'd rather sit here and waste time while blaming it all on my baby boy!

You think I could at the very least put on some pants and go find my glasses? My, my, you are a bossy one today. I'll have you know that my underwear is full-coverage, and I am giving my eye muscles a work-out... so really no problem. I had wanted to be running right now and then go to the library and drop some crap off at the thrift store and be showered and dressed for soccer.... but it looks like only the dressed part is going to happen. Why can't I shower? Well, because if I shower now then I won't want to get all sweaty by running, and I may not do it at all today.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Treading Water

I found this picture over at The Blog of Wistar Watts Murray (I've posted it with permission).

I was originally going to save it for an upcoming series of posts about writing. I thought that this picture would make for a fabulous writing prompt. Anyway, you can look forward to more about becoming a better writer later.

Right now I'm just going to say that things are busy over here. Andy's health is poor, and I need to focus on the tasks at hand.

So, in the mean time you'll have to head on over to Wistar's blog and read the incredible survival story of these three friends. She found them treading water just like this in her pool filter. Wistar herself thought the incident was inspiring enough for her to write a not-so- warm and fuzzy story about it. What would you write?

Anyway, talk about "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." I guess that goes for turtles too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Baby Signing Time videos are on the horizon

As I've mentioned here and here, we LOVE Signing Time (ST) at our house!!! In fact Fischer and I were quite starstruck when we spotted three of Signing Time's stars at the farmer's market a few weeks ago!!!
Recently a Signing Time representative contacted me about reviewing the two new volumes of Baby Signing Time (BST). While Fischer and I never spent much time with the Baby Signing Time videos, I thought this might be a fun way to get myself acquainted with them. Not to mention, I had a feeling Fisch would really dig them!!

Both, Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 and 4 are excellent quality and do not disappoint when it comes to teaching plenty of relevant and age-appropriate signs (approx. 25-30 per video).
Rachel introduces each sign with a cheerful and expressive demonstration and description. She is accompanied by an illustration of the word as well as the printed word itself. Each sign introduction is followed by Rachel singing background to many many video images of babies and toddlers practicing the signs. The "model" children are of all races and abilities, and are signing in a variety of settings. The children are shown signing in homes, parks, and yards as well as staged in front of fun patterned backdrops. Not only are there plenty of examples of each sign being performed, but there are ample examples of the word or concept itself. For example, the word "sun" shows real and animated images of the sun, as well as children playing in the sunshine and putting on hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. The word bug might show images of real live bugs, children dressed as bugs, toy bugs, animations of bugs, etc.
One of the things I love most about the videos (as a mother of a hearing and typically-developing child) is the vocabulary. Each video reinforces a number of vocabulary words and concepts. For Fischer, this made a huge difference in his speech when he started talking. We would go to the park and he'd be talking about "exploring" on a "path" and looking for "owls" when his speech was brand new!

Baby Signing Time is baby due to the specific vocabulary and concepts taught, the age of the models, and there is a bit more animation than in the regular series. Also Alex and Leah, the stars of Series one and two and the PBS television program, are not in these videos. Their animated diapered counterparts are featured along with a baby Hopkins (the ST frog).

Babies and children and even adults learn the signs easily from both the baby and regular series because each sign is taught with a visual demonstration, a verbal explanation, and plenty of time to physically practice. Three learning styles are used to reach every kind of learner.

Baby Signing Time Volume 3: A New Day:

Some of the signs taught: day, new, outside, wind, rain, snow, sun, cloud, sky, tree, grass, flower, leaf, stop, go, wait, again, bug, up, down, star, moon, night, and good.
You can see how many of these signs are immediately relevant to the everyday life of little children. You can start using them right away.
There are also 9 new songs performed to help make connections and give practice opportunities to the new signs. Rachel truly does have a beautiful voice and I have never found the songs mind numbing or ear plug worthy!! Of course I'm always a fan of the very last song on each video and this one does not disappoint. "Tiny Hands" is a beautiful song that you want to play behind a slide show of your own beautiful babe.
Here is a little preview of BST volume 3:

Baby Signing Time Volume 4: Let's make Friends

Some of the signs taught: friend, play, share, nice, feel, sad, cry, happy, laugh, opposite, hot, cold, yes, no, dirty, clean, you, me, apple, pear, carrot, peach, juice, bubble, balloon, telephone, game and music.

The DVD features 6 new songs and one of my old favorites, "Show Me a Sign" (which is also featured on Signing Time Songs Vol. 1-3 Music CD).

I do like that this video reminds parents to start teaching about emotions early. You know these concepts are important to children. Specifically, I believe it to be important to get a jump on feeling identification for children who have the types of delays evident on the autism spectrum.

Here is a sneak peak of BST volume 4:

While all of the signs in these two volumes of Baby Signing time can also be found on the videos in Series 1 and Series 2, I can see the benefit of showing little ones examples of little ones signing. Also, yes those signs are in other videos but they are not all in one video, they are scattered through the many different themed videos. If I was starting over with an infant, I think the relevance of the vocab in BST is great and would make for a good start. Fischer started with Series 1, volume 1 "My First Signs" at 13 months and took off from there. By 21 months he knew over 250 signs and was talking and pairing the two. So I guess either way is great (although BST volume 1 has words like "diaper" - not featured in any of the other series)... I am just a major fan of the program and I recommend it to all parents. Whether a child is developing typically, showing delays in speech, or is experiencing life with a more severe disability.... communication is the key to unlock their world. So why not?
Two quick notes:
  • I am just kicking myself for not videotaping Fischer doing his signs before he could talk!!! Grrr.
  • On BST volume 3 when Rachel is singing "Tiny Hands", images of tiny babies are being shown and then it shows clips of 3 year old Alex and 5 year old Leah in their first DVD and now... and I nearly cried!! Ok I did cry a little. I don't even know these kids but it was really touching to see how they've grown and in less than 2 years time they feel like a part of our family because we've watched them grow through the DVDs.

Anyway, poke around signingtime.com and see what you think. Be sure to check out the links on the "About Us" page. Whether you are interested in the videos or other products or not, it is an inspiring story.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sticks and stones? There's nothing better!

Fischer and I went hiking over the weekend. He loves to be in the mountains, as do I. I'm not sure why we don't go more often... it is free! Anyway, the highlight of his day was throwing rocks into the streams and whacking things with sticks! In fact, lately Fischer is so interested in rocks that he collects them everywhere. He must pick up rocks in parking lots, on the side of the road, in our flower beds, everywhere. The other day while cleaning up the house after Fisch had gone to bed, I found 17 rocks in the family room, eight rocks lined up in front of the computer and one in the dryer!!
I tried to do a little photo shoot of him while we were hiking, but he was much more interested in exploring than posing. Go figure. He loved looking at the uprooted tree that had fallen over and inspecting the network of roots that had once been planted firmly into the ground. He also loved climbing onto and over every log, rock and stump in sight. He kept asking me when we were going to climb a mountain. "Umm... we are honey... this is it!!"

I think he wanted to scale an immense rock face or something. Next time we'll have to hike up to some sort of peak so that he can feel that he "climbed a mountain".

The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures

Exciting news! The book is out and the website is up!! Remember when I told you about Kim Miller, an artist who has autism? She and her mother have collaborated on a book together that lets us into the mind of Kim as she communicates through her artwork. Well, the book has received a wonderful review from ForeWord Magazine, and is for sale numerous places, including Amazon.

"Kim and I were overjoyed when we read the review. The magazine considers nearly 1,000 pre-publication galleys and manuscripts submitted each month, and approximately eight percent of those titles are selected for review. To be considered was awesome, to get reviewed was glorious." - Eileen Miller

Also Kim and her mother have their website up, to keep us all posted on the latest and greatest from this mother/daughter duo. I just thought you might appreciate an update!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Attack of the tomatoes

Ahhh, the garden... so delicious, so many wonderful fruits and veggies.. soooo sooo soooo many TOMATOES!!! Why oh why did I once again plant WAY too many tomato plants?? I am the ONLY person in my house that eats them. I have tomatoes coming out the whazoo! I'll tell you why I did it (again), it is because by the time spring planting comes around I'm so desperate for a delicious mouth watering sunny garden tomato, that I think I could eat 50 bushels all by myself! Now what to do?
I've eaten a million, just raw and fresh and dripping down my chin and arm, I've made soup. I've made sauce. I've made salsa... now what? I still have so many... and more and more are ripening as we speak. Do you have any fabulous tomato recipes that you'd like to share? I don't want to can... but I will freeze. So lay those recipes on me! OR get your buns over here and pick a basketful to take home.

The garden did really well this year. This being only our second year as gardeners, we are definitely still learning.

The Goods:
Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, green beans, spinach, and we actually had grapes this year - woohoo!

The Bads:
carrots - too small and deformed,
broccoli - a giant plant grew without any broccoli on it
eggplant - a plant with no fruit
artichokes - it was experimental, but again... a plant with no fruit
strawberries - they were good at the very beginning of the summer. then slugs drilled holes in them and pill bugs moved in.
raspberries and blackberries - only a handful of berries each
herbs - some did ok, some burned up in the sun

  • I just found this guy and he has an excellent idea for growing big hearty carrots using pots. I'm going to try that next year.
  • Now the broccoli, eggplant, and artichokes were all in the same bed. That bed grew corn last year. Could that have anything to do with it?? I think I should have started the eggplant earlier in the house.
  • I need to find an organic and safe way to combat the slugs next year. I didn't plant lettuce this year because of them... any ideas?
  • Could my blackberry and raspberry plants be less fruitful because they are only 2 years old? Or does it have to do with the pruning that I didn't do?
  • I think I'll put my herbs in a shadier spot in the yard.

Gardening is really quite rewarding, but I think I need to take another class. I took one last year, but it seemed to be a graduate level class for a 101 kind of student. Now that I know a little more, I think I'd get more out of the class.

PS - Fischer will eat all sorts of veggies while standing in the garden, but almost NONE once they are in the house. Lesson: i need to set Fisch in the garden 15 minutes a day to let him graze!!

The presidential debates

Only two questions about global poverty have been asked in the history of modern presidential debates. It's a shocking figure and in 2008, we need debate moderator Jim Lehrer to ask John McCain and Barack Obama "Just ONE question" on their plans to fight global poverty. I just took action with the ONE Campaign and you can too, here: http://www.one.org/debates/?rc=debatestaf

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Involuntarily unplugged

I have been having some trouble with my Internet and my phones for the past week. It really causes a problem when a person has a computer and phone addiction!
It has made me a bit more productive, though. We're not talking anything too spectacular, but I did vacuum under and behind furniture - not my norm!

Today, I cleaned the kitchen, entertained, ran a few miles, showered, shopped, made homemade pickles, cleaned the kitchen, made homemade salsa, cleaned the kitchen, made banana bread, cleaned the kitchen, made sugar cookies and cleaned the kitchen.

Unbelievable! Imagine what would happen if my phone and Internet were permanently down!!! I might just take over the world!! Thank goodness that couldn't happen because I'd have every geek in America over here trying to get us up and running again!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Isn't it funny/annoying how everyone thinks that everything that comes out of their child's mouth is so incredibly hilarious... Of course, it really is hilarious with Fischer ;)

  • After watching mommy drop a bottle of grape juice on the floor and seeing it splatter all over the refrigerator, the tile, the wood, the walls, the pantry...

Fischer: "Good job, Mommy. Good job spilling the grape juice."

Is my baby demonstrating his first bit of sarcasm, or did he really think I did an exceptionally good job at spilling the juice?

  • Mommy opens the door to Fischer's bedroom, after his time out for not listening (he had been screaming and crying during the entire time out).
Mommy: "Are you ready to listen?"

Fischer: Looooong pause....... "Umm, I don't think so."

Mommy closes the door.

  • After looking at a wedding photo of Mommy and Daddy...

Fischer: "Mommy do you wish you were a pretty girl like that (points to picture)?"

  • Overheard: Daddy and Fischer looking at a pile of stones. Fischer is asking what they are called... Daddy is listing them off one by one:
Daddy: "Rose quartz, turquoise, pyrite, tiger's eye, hematite, spotty, stripey, brainy..."

  • Looking at Mommy fluff the pillows on the couch...

Fischer: "Mommy, what are you doing to our crap?"

Mommy: "This is not crap, this is our couch!"

Fischer: "No, THESE are crap (pointing to the couch pillows)!"

Mommy: "Those are pillows"

Fischer: "They are crap."

Mommy: "They are pillows!" Fischer: "They are crap". Mommy...Fischer...Mommy... Fischer...

Mommy: "Crap is not a very nice word to say. Even though Mommy and Daddy say it sometimes (mostly Mommy), it is not good for little kids to say it."

  • Looking out the front window at the neighbor woman getting her mail...

Fischer: "I wish I had long hair like that!"

  • While Mommy is baking, Fischer gets on the counter where all of the ingredients are sitting. he starts touching things, and other things start falling off the counter...

Mommy: "Fischer stop touching things or Mommy's going to go CRAZY!!!!"

Fischer: "You sound like Aunt Sheila!"

  • Said to Mommy, way to many times lately, after she asks Fischer about something:

Fischer: "Mommy, don't worry about it!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is selling blood plasma a scam?

The other day I was donating whole blood at the Red Cross. While laying back in the chair staring at the phlebotomist in awkward silence, I decided to strike up a conversation. I was curious about if the blood given at this particular center is used all over the world. No. It is only used in my state... and we use it all up!
I was really curious about selling plasma. I know a lot of people who do that, and I wondered what the difference is. I recently had a friend tell me that selling plasma is actually MORE helpful than donating whole blood. Is this true?
The phlebotomist told me, definitely NOT! She claimed that the plasma sold could never be used in another human body because sellers who may need money, may be more inclined to lie when giving information about their current health status. In fact, she said that certain companies spend 'big bucks' to buy plasma from these places in order to use them in commercial products. Seriously? She claimed that the plasma is used in a number of beauty and personal care products as well as pet food. What? She did say that some of the plasma could possibly be used for research and/or pharmaceuticals. Have you ever heard of this?
She was obviously anti-plasma sales and pro-whole blood donations or other Red Cross donatables (platelets, red blood cells). She mentioned that if I told anyone who sells plasma about this, they'd argue with me until they were blue in the face... or maybe I'd be blue in the face... I can't remember. But anyway, I think the subject is important. If a person is selling plasma for extra money, great... whatever. BUT, if a person is selling plasma because they think they are saving lives... well then, shouldn't they know the truth?
So the question is, is this woman speaking fact or hearsay? Anybody? I've been trying to find information on the subject, and am not having much luck. Websites for plasma centers call it "lifesaving" or "lifegiving".
The only negatives I found were about the donors themselves and some naughty plasma centers. The FDA regulates these centers and has found some to be out of compliance. Apparently, many people do falsify information when going in to sell plasma. They may claim that they do not do intravenous drugs, or do not have specific diseases, or are not pregnant... when in fact they are lying. Some centers apparently falsify reports - over bleeding patients, fudging the red blood cell counts of donors so that they appear healthier than they are, allowing feverish, intoxicated, underweight, or pregnant women to have their blood drawn.
It is an interesting subject, and I really am interested in more information if anyone could shed some light on the subject.
For me, I'll stick with the Red Cross. But if you are going to sell plasma, with the intent to save a life, maybe we should do a little more research.

By the way, doctors and hospitals can get plasma from the Red Cross whole blood donations.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book of the Day

Ducks Don't Wear Socks by John Nedwidek and illustrated by Lee White is a new friend of ours. Do you ever think of books that way? Maybe just the characters? I have a few students who have very personal relationships with books, and who can't bear the thought of introducing "new" books into their lives. I also like to think of favorite books as old friends. Certain books and certain characters hold memories for me or seem to comfort Fischer with a bit of "home". Anyway, my nephew gave me this book for my birthday. Fischer, Andy and I have had a great time reading it. Fischer gets a kick out of Emily the "serious girl", and loves seeing her finally crack a smile and the a laugh!

Monday, September 15, 2008

DIY: Fun

Here are a few fun make-at-home toy and game ideas that I've been interested in recently:
  • I made these sponge balls and Fischer has loved playing with them in the tub. I sent some to our swap partner too. Really easy, fun and kind of cute!
  • Because we go through Play Do like nobody's business, I thought it was time for me to start making it. My first batch was the traditional recipe for play dough. Fischer liked it and we still have some in the fridge. However, he then decided that he didn't like the smell of it, and didn't want to play with it anymore. So I took and idea from Renee' and tried the koolaid play dough. It smells great! Almost too great! It kind of smells like Big League Chew - remember that stuff? Bonus: since Fischer likes to sneak licks and nibbles of it... at least I know what's in it! Double bonus: since it smells yummy, the dogs will eat the play dough crumbs off the floor - less clean up for me!
  • Renee' and Liz found this great recipe for microwaveable puff paint. They did it as a class project and the kids loved it! I can't wait to try it!
  • Creative Chicks at Play has a very clever idea for a fun memory game that will use up some of your scrapbook scraps. This might make for a sweet little handmade gift too!
  • Speaking of gifts, Martha has a great idea for a handmade checkers game. Of course, it is pretty too! I think I might make one of these with one of my students. She could give it to someone in her family for Christmas.
  • The Rowdy Pea has a simple yet educational and toddler-intriguing idea in her rainbow jars. You probably have everything to do this one right now!
  • For more great ideas and creative inspiration, join in on the weekly Unplugged Project. These moms are brimming with original ideas.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pit Putty

I've been testing out an organic deodorant the past few weeks. The name is not very feminine, Pit Putty, but the results have been great. I've asked numerous people on hot sweaty days and after running, if I stink... and they've said no. Because they might be lying, I've done a number of sniffs under my arms (geez this is a gross topic) and I haven't detected an odor!
Pit Putty is made by Bubble & Bee Organic. it uses only certified organic ingredients, no chemicals, no animal testing, and the company is environmentally friendly.
Sheila bought the spray, and has been really happy with her results. The spray is also good for stinky sandal feet!
Bubble and Bee Organic has all kinds of organic personal care products. If you are interested you may want to poke around their site and learn more about the reasons that we don't want chemicals in our beauty products. I'd never really thought about it before.
Oh... one more thing... they completely guarantee their products (or at least the deodorant for sure) there really isn't any risk in trying them out. They are better for your body and your skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and haven't suffered any reactions from the Pit Putty. I think I'm ready to try their soaps and lotions too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Cake Decorating Song

One of my students decorated this cake last Friday and wrote a little song as she went. It is to the tune of "Peanut Butter and Jelly".
Baking My Cake

First you take the frosting and you spread it. You spread it, spread it spread it.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the colored icing and you squeeze it. You squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the sprinkles and you shake them. You shake them, shake them, shake them.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the candles and you stick them. You stick them, stick them, stick them.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the candles and you blow them. You blow them, blow them, blow them.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the knife and you cut it. You cut it, cut it, cut it.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)
Then you take the cake and you eat it. You eat it, eat it, eat it.
Baking, baking my cake. (yummy, yummy)

Written by A. Baker

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Harvey and Harry!

Our package arrived from the Little People Swap! Fischer was excited to welcome Harvey the Horse and Harry the Horseshoe to our home yesterday morning. They brought with them a fabulous scrapbook all about their adventures in Oakdale California. They also brought Fisch a great hat and a cute shirt and a bunch of other fun and tasty goodies!
Thanks Manami!!
I wish we would have taken a picture of the package we sent. Of course we sent Dino and a photo album of his summer vacation with us, but we also sent goodies from our state and from our trip to Colorado. A fun surprise was the special picnic blanket Grandma Betsy made for our swap partner. It is sooo cute and sooo us! It has dogs all over it! (Hopefully it doesn't have doghair all over it... although I wouldn't be surprised if a few hitched a ride to California!)
We had a great time with this swap and are ready to do another. We've just signed up for the One Good Book Swap! Join us!


After Mommy dressed him...

Fischer: "Are these clothes clean?"
Mommy: "Of course."
Fischer: "Soon, they will be covered in dog hair!"

Sigh, the truth is sometimes embarrassing!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Science is Fun with Edheads

I am loving Edheads!!! It is a website full of interactive science activities, information, and lesson plans. The have exciting activities to help you learn about simple machines, compound machines, and weather. It also has activities that teach about car accidents and the investigations that come afterward. I really enjoyed the virtual knee surgery and hip replacements. Each of the activities is accompanied by real photographs, fun facts, information about actual people who work in these fields and they come with lesson plans! Seriously, this website is great for upper elementary to even high school. I had fun playing around on it and I'm not ashamed to say that I learned a thing or two!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Book of the Day

Fischer is now really enjoying the Froggy series by Johnathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz. We have about six different Froggy books at our house: Froggy... Goes to School, Goes to Bed, Eats Out, Goes to the Doctor, Learns to Swim, Plays in the Band and Froggy Gets Dressed. This last one seems to be Fischer's current favorite. All of the books are really cute, with repetitive phrases and familiar characters. Froggy is always forgetting something and ALWAYS gets embarrassed at some point during the book (I can totally relate). I think Fischer can relate to Froggy too as he watches Froggy doing new or familiar things. I think this is the first series that Fischer has really been interested in.... No, I take that back... the David books were his first series fave. At any rate, we have been reading a lot of Froggy these days.

For all of you teachers, home schoolers or mommy go-getters, here are a few fun links for more info, ideas and activities to go with Froggy Get's Dressed:
  • Suite 101 has free printable lotto boards and uno games to go with the story.
  • Abcteach has a bunch of printable worksheets for reading, comprehension, and fun that are specific to the story.
  • You Tube has a video of an enthusiastic Cullen from Cullen's ABC's doing her own rendition of the story using felt pieces from funfelt.com.
  • This story lends itself to many conversations and activities about clothing and weather and how the two are connected. Froggy forgets what kinds of things he should be wearing in the snow.

BTW: No More Binky = No More Naps

Ugh! The poor guy can't seem to get in the zone to fall asleep without the soothing effects of the binky. The binky sort of put him into a sleepy trance. I'm hoping that he'll get this figured out and be able to put himself to sleep soon. It is getting better at night, so there is a chance. Although, I'm worried that if it doesn't happen soon we'll be saying byebye to naptime for good! Yikes!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Charity: Water

Charity: water is a non-profit bringing safe, clean drinking water to people in developing nations. Right now, 1.1 Billion people on the planet don’t have access to safe water.

The story is definitely incredible about how one man has used his birthday to make an incredible change in the world. The September project is in it's second year and we have the unique experience of watching our donations be put to use, drilling wells for communities in Ethiopia. Take the time to watch the video, learn about the project and... be inspired.

The September Campaign Trailer from charity: water on Vimeo.

Friday, September 5, 2008


In the car with Grandma Barb...

Fischer: "Mamabarb? Are you old lady?
Grandma: "What?!!! Who told you that I was an old lady?"
Fischer: "I did!"
Grandma: "Do I look like an old lady?"
Fischer: "I don't know."

(Of course my mother was sure that I planted those words into his little head... how else would he have come up with that? To which I replied, "I've never heard him say 'old lady' before, but he does have a brain and he does have eyes!" ... Could I be any sweeter? Sorry Mom!- you know I love you - and of course you are a total babe... for an old lady!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Binky = No More Baby

The binky is gone. I took all of the suggestions I received (and a few of my own ideas) for getting rid of the binky and listed them off to Fischer. I told him that since he was going to have to get rid of the binky sometime, we should think of a good way. You should have seen his horrified little face as I read off the ideas! I let him choose the best idea. He decided that he wanted to put the binky in an envelope and send it to baby Hadleigh.I told him that whenever he was ready to do that, we would put it in the mail box and then we'd go to the toy store. He could pick out any toy he wanted.

So we talked about it a few times, told Daddy about it, and within a few days... he told me he was ready (he happened to have met Baby Hadleigh for the first time earlier that day). We put the binky in an envelope, he put it in the mailbox, and we headed to the toy store.

I wanted to make sure that whatever toy he chose would be so fantastic that he wouldn't want to trade it back at bedtime. I was prepared to buy ANYTHING in the store (and figure it out later). We walked up and down every aisle while I pointed out all of the "greatest" toys. He kept asking "Where do they keep the garbage trucks?" We found them, there were only a few little cheapie ones, nothing screamed "World's Most Fabulous Toy". He grabbed a $5 dollar truck and carried it around while I pointed out "bigger" and "better" toys. In the end a car carrier caught his eye and we left only spending $10!! Anyway he loves it and was really excited to play with it.When bedtime came, he asked for his binky, and I reminded him that he is a big boy now and doesn't need it anymore. However he could not fall asleep for anything. After a million tries and one tired mommy, he ended up sleeping in our room and slept all night. That was last night.

Tonight after a 20 minute protest and me in and out of his room, it is finally quiet and I think he has fallen asleep!

I'm really proud of him! He has slept with a binky his whole life (approximately 922 days), and here... two days without and he has put himself to sleep! (I hope I'm not jinxing myself by talking about it!!!)

----------Let's have a moment of silence for another milestone passed.----------

Thank you all for your suggestions and support! Now, is it weird that I'm kind of sad? No more bottles, no more crib, no more diapers, no more binky... Oh my... my baby is growing up WAY too fast! I've just been helping him race along into practically adulthood. What have I done?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just clicking around: What I'm interested in today.

  • Jenny welcomed a gorgeous little Hadleigh Evelyn into the world on Friday. Congratulations Jen!!
  • The Write Spot has a good article called: What every blogger should know about copyright protection for photos and content. She has also posted links to more information, and there is interesting info in the comments too.
  • Chez Pim has a fun looking recipe for making your own Pop Tarts (come out of the closet - you know you love them!).
  • About.com has a great tutorial about How To Add a Text Watermark to a Photo in Photoshop Elements. I've been fooling around with it a bit, and I think it is a good idea. Especially because of what I talked about at the end of this post.
  • Firebox.com introduced me to the chococlock. Umm, could a clock get any better? (link via goodyblog)
  • It's Nice That has some incredible sculpture pics. Very cool.