Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No More Binky = No More Baby

The binky is gone. I took all of the suggestions I received (and a few of my own ideas) for getting rid of the binky and listed them off to Fischer. I told him that since he was going to have to get rid of the binky sometime, we should think of a good way. You should have seen his horrified little face as I read off the ideas! I let him choose the best idea. He decided that he wanted to put the binky in an envelope and send it to baby Hadleigh.I told him that whenever he was ready to do that, we would put it in the mail box and then we'd go to the toy store. He could pick out any toy he wanted.

So we talked about it a few times, told Daddy about it, and within a few days... he told me he was ready (he happened to have met Baby Hadleigh for the first time earlier that day). We put the binky in an envelope, he put it in the mailbox, and we headed to the toy store.

I wanted to make sure that whatever toy he chose would be so fantastic that he wouldn't want to trade it back at bedtime. I was prepared to buy ANYTHING in the store (and figure it out later). We walked up and down every aisle while I pointed out all of the "greatest" toys. He kept asking "Where do they keep the garbage trucks?" We found them, there were only a few little cheapie ones, nothing screamed "World's Most Fabulous Toy". He grabbed a $5 dollar truck and carried it around while I pointed out "bigger" and "better" toys. In the end a car carrier caught his eye and we left only spending $10!! Anyway he loves it and was really excited to play with it.When bedtime came, he asked for his binky, and I reminded him that he is a big boy now and doesn't need it anymore. However he could not fall asleep for anything. After a million tries and one tired mommy, he ended up sleeping in our room and slept all night. That was last night.

Tonight after a 20 minute protest and me in and out of his room, it is finally quiet and I think he has fallen asleep!

I'm really proud of him! He has slept with a binky his whole life (approximately 922 days), and here... two days without and he has put himself to sleep! (I hope I'm not jinxing myself by talking about it!!!)

----------Let's have a moment of silence for another milestone passed.----------

Thank you all for your suggestions and support! Now, is it weird that I'm kind of sad? No more bottles, no more crib, no more diapers, no more binky... Oh my... my baby is growing up WAY too fast! I've just been helping him race along into practically adulthood. What have I done?


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Fisch! I think for us with Z the hardest time was that first few days at naptime sans binky- there was no doubt he would have taken a longer nap if he had it. But that ended pretty quickly actually.

I do understand the weird sort of sadness- had it too. Alas, we still have the diaper thing to go and I don't see that happening any time soon....

Irelan Family Blog said...

Congrats!!! I know how you feel with the whole I am loosing my baby thing. Landen isn't even 2 and sleeps in a big boy bed and he has to do everything for him self. Do you have a tips on potty training? He uses the potty but he wont tell me when he needs to go.

mandie said...

great job--Im sure that is a relief. I hear you about the baby thing. I miss all the baby stuff. It is great to see their kid personalities come out though.
The nights and naps will only get easier from here.

Jenny said...

Hadleigh very much appreciates the binky! She is now sleeping peacefully due to Fischer's kindness! And on the "milestone" front, Avery is now officially in a big girl bed. The first night was really rough getting her to fall asleep, but she slept until 4am and then we let her jump in with us. The last two nights she has willingly got in her bed by 9pm and slept through until 7:30am. I keep pinching myself, I know it can't be this easy... maybe she was just ready but needed a little reassuring. Now getting her to take naps is a whole other story; she won't take a nap in there for anything since she realizes she can just get out and play with all her toys. But I'm not ready to fight that battle, I'll take her sleeping in the bed at night, it's good enough for now.

Make sure you let Fischer know we love him for sending Hadleigh his binky!!!

Janalu said...

You know, you ould always just have another one. A baby that is.