Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What do big brothers do?

I asked Fischer, "What is a big brother? What do they do? What is important about them?"
Here are his answers:
  • "Big brothers follow directions."
  • "They look at their babies and make sure they don't get hurt."
  • "They love their baby sisters."
  • "They love to play hide and seek with their babies."
  • "They love to play with their sister when they get older."
  • "And that's it!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Super fun back-to-school Swap

Fischer and I participated in another fun swap last month. This was our third one! We were paired with a super cute little guy named "B" and his mom. Fischer and B have lots in common... like teachers for parents, a love of the Cars movie and Cars toys, trains, dogs and firetrucks. In fact, B's daddy is even a volunteer fireman - which Fischer just thinks is absolutely fabulous.

The boys have been emailing each other (with the help of their moms) and asking each other all kinds of questions. B is 4 and Fischer is 3, but I think they'd be fast friends. B's mom had a cute idea for them to send each other images from the Internet on their email. Fischer thought that was so great to see the little pictures on B's letter.

Then the boys put together some fun back-to-school items and sent each other a package. Fischer LOVED his package and was sooo excited to receive it! B sent him all kinds of great loot: crayons, notebook, chalk, paper, calculator, books, etc. His favorite part was the calculator! He keeps forgetting what it is called and I've now heard him refer to it as a 'calendar' and a "time machine".

Today he drew a picture and dictated a letter for B. B had asked to see some of Fischer's toys, like his Lightning McQueen cars, his fire truck and his Legos... so Fischer posed them on the coffee table for a photo shoot. He added some other favorite items in also. His favorite blue blanket made it into all of the pictures. :)

Thank you to the girls over at the Little People Swap for organizing such a fun thing! AND a big thanks to B and his mommy for being such great swap partners!