Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BTW: No More Binky = No More Naps

Ugh! The poor guy can't seem to get in the zone to fall asleep without the soothing effects of the binky. The binky sort of put him into a sleepy trance. I'm hoping that he'll get this figured out and be able to put himself to sleep soon. It is getting better at night, so there is a chance. Although, I'm worried that if it doesn't happen soon we'll be saying byebye to naptime for good! Yikes!


Brian and Courtni said...

When Brett started giving up his nap, I instituted quite time...30 minutes in his room to read, quiet play, etc. Half the time he fell asleep and the other half of the time, he got some down time that was really good for him.

Jenny said...

Ugh! I feel your pain. Since we put Avery in her big girl bed last week she has decided that naps are not for her. She now holds out so long that she does finally end up falling asleep but it's usually on the couch and then I have to move her to her bed. Sometimes she stays, other times she wakes up and says, "No, Mommy!" I'm not really fighting the battle; I figure she's done so well at night that I won't force the issue of napping quite yet. Maybe after next week when all the hoopla dies down and the family leaves.