Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Signing Time Music - 5 day special

Signing Time is having a 5 day special (now through June 1st). You can download MP3s of complete CDs for only $5. The CDs are usually between $10-$14, Awesome deal. You can just burn your own CD or whatever. Rachel Coleman writes and sings all of her own songs, and she has a beautiful voice. Fischer loves to hear the songs, he always claims that they are his "favorite". The songs are fun and I find myself singing them here and there. I really like the songs on her Shine CD, they are mostly songs she has written for her daughters and reflect her thoughts and feelings on raising daughters with disabilities. I also really like the Magic Words song on the Volumes 1-3 CD. Lots of goodies, I thought I'd pass along the info to you.

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