Friday, March 12, 2010

Why did I ask?

Me: "Fischer, do you think I'm beautiful?"

Fischer: "When you are wearing earrings, you look beautiful."

Me: "What's the most beautiful thing about me?"

Fischer: "Your earrings. You really should've worn earring's today."

Seriously! Why would I ask such a loaded question?????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product Review: Spiral Spin Top

Maddie and I had the chance to review Infantino's Spiral Spin Top. Ebeanstalk sent it to us to see what we thought. The toy is for 6 months and up, Maddie is 7 months.

I have to say that while she wasn't that interested in pushing the top down, she did like sliding the whole toy across the floor. The button on top is hard to push down if you don't push it directly on top. She liked turning the whole thing on its side and rolling it around, and she spent some quality time trying to figure out why she couldn't grab those little balls.

I found it to be sturdy and safe, but I wish that she could make it work.

We happen to have a similar toy from a different company, and I found that one to be easier for her to operate, and it had a more pleasing sound while spinning.

Neither brand of spin top has held her attention for very long. I probably wouldn't buy one of these for a friend, but it is a fine toy for playing with and passing along to the next little kiddo.

Ebeanstalk is a website dedicated to selecting great toys for 1 year olds and toys for 2 year olds. They have a team of moms and a team of child experts that help them pick out toys by age, so you can be sure your child gets toys that have been specifically matched to his or her age!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm sucking at the blogging.

It has been so long since I posted that I kept thinking that I had to post something really fabulous.... which now feels like too much pressure. So I'm getting this "first post" over with... so I can move on.

I could tell you about all of the things I've been thinking about blogging about... you know, when I plan my blog posts while laying in bed, washing the dishes, or taking a shower... but now I forgot what they were. They were some amazingly deep and very moving prose though, I'm sure.

Instead I'll tell you that I think that:
  • All Rice Krispies treats should be made with 5 cups of Krispies... never 6.
  • Quinoa is pretty yummy and makes a good sub when you are super sick of putting rice or pasta with every dish.
  • I bought that milled flax seed at Costco and am beginning to use it as a sub for eggs, butter, or oils in my recipes. So far, I've tried it in pancakes in place of oil... they were great!
  • We can eat an entire bunch of bananas in one day, and Andy hates bananas.
  • I would like to submit Gerber Graduates Puffs to the USDA as a new food group so that I don't feel so guilty for how many of them Maddie eats in one day. They are wonderful because not only do they fill her tummy a tiny bit, but they keep her busy!

I'll try to think of the deep stuff for next time. ;) Phew... got that post over with! Now maybe I'll be able to start writing more and reading yours! I've missed you.