Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun and delicious

Thank you Dutch Country (and Fisch's Aunt Bekah and Uncle Chris). Fischer, Andy and I had a great time making and especially eating these!

By the way, if your kid went through as many outfits as mine does, you'd have him do his baking sans clothes too!

PS I'm trying not to use the "n" word anymore ... you wouldn't believe how many people have landed on this page of my blog from all over the world. In fact, it is the single most looked at page on my blog (besides the front page)! Yuck! Usually they are searching in google images. What in the Hell are they looking for??? I don't want to know!


Liz and Jake said...

Seriously people are SICK!!

Anyway I love the pretzels...why wasn't I invited??? I bet you can't guess my favorite thing in the whole world...Pretzels...especially with cheese sauce...I'm not sure about your mustard!

Jenny said...

Did you make the whole wheat or plain ones? The whole wheat sound really good! You shouldn't post stuff like this on your blog; now that this pregnant woman can actually keep food down EVERYTHING sounds good!