Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pit Putty

I've been testing out an organic deodorant the past few weeks. The name is not very feminine, Pit Putty, but the results have been great. I've asked numerous people on hot sweaty days and after running, if I stink... and they've said no. Because they might be lying, I've done a number of sniffs under my arms (geez this is a gross topic) and I haven't detected an odor!
Pit Putty is made by Bubble & Bee Organic. it uses only certified organic ingredients, no chemicals, no animal testing, and the company is environmentally friendly.
Sheila bought the spray, and has been really happy with her results. The spray is also good for stinky sandal feet!
Bubble and Bee Organic has all kinds of organic personal care products. If you are interested you may want to poke around their site and learn more about the reasons that we don't want chemicals in our beauty products. I'd never really thought about it before.
Oh... one more thing... they completely guarantee their products (or at least the deodorant for sure) there really isn't any risk in trying them out. They are better for your body and your skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and haven't suffered any reactions from the Pit Putty. I think I'm ready to try their soaps and lotions too.


Anonymous said...

you really have to try some of the illumina organic products-they are fantastic! I gave the baby shampoo/wash to jenny We use it on the Zs and it really helps their exczema

Janalu said...

I have finally got matt drinking organic milk and eating organic aggs. Next is cheese and then meat.

Irelan Family Blog said...

Were did you get the Pit Putty? Does it make you just not stink or does it help with the moisture too?

Lisa said...

Jazzy, It is not an anti-perspirant, so it definitely doesn't help too much with the summer moisture. Although, I think it would be just fine in the cooler months. I bought it at the local farmer's market, but they do sell it online.

Raynola said...

Pray tell, did Lisa just post a comment on her own blog. Igenius!
I might try that one. Anyway, how is the smell of Pit Putty? You know how sensitivr I am to smell.

Lisa said...

Ray, It smells like lemon and cloves. I think it smells good. They do have other scents, though.