Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why am I posting this?

I'm sitting here in my underwear, don't picture it, without my glasses - squinting to see the computer screen, stewing about the long list of things I wanted to do before 11:00, wishing Fischer would wake up- but not wanting to wake him up because it is so strange that he is still asleep at 9:15 am - and waking children up seems like some sort of sin - especially when I complain about him not sleeping all of the time. How's that for a run-on sentence?

What? You say I could be cleaning up my house or completing a number of in-home tasks that need to be done and I should rearrange my schedule to do the out-of-house things after our 11:00 soccer? Shut up. It is nice of you to offer up your practical advice, but I'd rather sit here and waste time while blaming it all on my baby boy!

You think I could at the very least put on some pants and go find my glasses? My, my, you are a bossy one today. I'll have you know that my underwear is full-coverage, and I am giving my eye muscles a work-out... so really no problem. I had wanted to be running right now and then go to the library and drop some crap off at the thrift store and be showered and dressed for soccer.... but it looks like only the dressed part is going to happen. Why can't I shower? Well, because if I shower now then I won't want to get all sweaty by running, and I may not do it at all today.


Raynola said...

You are so funny! Thanks for helping to start my day with a laugh and smile!

Janalu said...

Full coverage? You mean your not sporting that crystal studded thong I gave you last christmas.

Brian and Courtni said...

You absolutely crack me up! Nice to have a good laugh...and I think that we all have days like that (and it is good to know that others put off the shower and housework at times, too!)