Monday, September 15, 2008

DIY: Fun

Here are a few fun make-at-home toy and game ideas that I've been interested in recently:
  • I made these sponge balls and Fischer has loved playing with them in the tub. I sent some to our swap partner too. Really easy, fun and kind of cute!
  • Because we go through Play Do like nobody's business, I thought it was time for me to start making it. My first batch was the traditional recipe for play dough. Fischer liked it and we still have some in the fridge. However, he then decided that he didn't like the smell of it, and didn't want to play with it anymore. So I took and idea from Renee' and tried the koolaid play dough. It smells great! Almost too great! It kind of smells like Big League Chew - remember that stuff? Bonus: since Fischer likes to sneak licks and nibbles of it... at least I know what's in it! Double bonus: since it smells yummy, the dogs will eat the play dough crumbs off the floor - less clean up for me!
  • Renee' and Liz found this great recipe for microwaveable puff paint. They did it as a class project and the kids loved it! I can't wait to try it!
  • Creative Chicks at Play has a very clever idea for a fun memory game that will use up some of your scrapbook scraps. This might make for a sweet little handmade gift too!
  • Speaking of gifts, Martha has a great idea for a handmade checkers game. Of course, it is pretty too! I think I might make one of these with one of my students. She could give it to someone in her family for Christmas.
  • The Rowdy Pea has a simple yet educational and toddler-intriguing idea in her rainbow jars. You probably have everything to do this one right now!
  • For more great ideas and creative inspiration, join in on the weekly Unplugged Project. These moms are brimming with original ideas.

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Irelan Family Blog said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas I am going to do the sponge ball, puff paint and kool-aid dough.