Sunday, September 21, 2008

Involuntarily unplugged

I have been having some trouble with my Internet and my phones for the past week. It really causes a problem when a person has a computer and phone addiction!
It has made me a bit more productive, though. We're not talking anything too spectacular, but I did vacuum under and behind furniture - not my norm!

Today, I cleaned the kitchen, entertained, ran a few miles, showered, shopped, made homemade pickles, cleaned the kitchen, made homemade salsa, cleaned the kitchen, made banana bread, cleaned the kitchen, made sugar cookies and cleaned the kitchen.

Unbelievable! Imagine what would happen if my phone and Internet were permanently down!!! I might just take over the world!! Thank goodness that couldn't happen because I'd have every geek in America over here trying to get us up and running again!!


georgia said...

Wow! Lots of cleaning! Do you have time to clean my house too? Soo good to hear from you. I'm really kinda horrible at blogging/facebooking to tell you the truth. I just started and I'm really enjoying it. It sounds like you are moving and shaking this world - good for you! Love your kiddos photos and looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Raynola said...
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Raynola said...

Now you have a true glimpse into my daily world, only it is a self imposed technology blackout, brought on by my ignorance! Whew, I hope that you are not too sore tomorrow, that's a whole lotta work sista! Maybe too much fre time fosters O.C.D.

Brian and Courtni said...

Wow -- I don't get that much done in an average week! :-) I have to say though that I know where you are coming from with the computer/phone thing...if I REALLY have a lot to do, I just don't get on either and it is amazing how productive I can be when I want to be...,but usually I don't really want to be :-)

Jenny said...

"Cleaned the kitchen"... don't you hate that?! It's a three times a day thing with kids and a husband!!! I swear I am constantly cleaing the kitchen and I always feel so great when it is really clean but then within minutes it looks like a disaster zone. And then I cry.... and clean it again.

PS... pictures actually went really well. Avery didn't want to listen to Rob or me but she was best friends with the photographers so we got some really great shots. The photography studio wants to use some of the shots for their website so I will send you the link when they put them up. Although, you know you'll be seeing them anyway when I get them.