Friday, September 5, 2008


In the car with Grandma Barb...

Fischer: "Mamabarb? Are you old lady?
Grandma: "What?!!! Who told you that I was an old lady?"
Fischer: "I did!"
Grandma: "Do I look like an old lady?"
Fischer: "I don't know."

(Of course my mother was sure that I planted those words into his little head... how else would he have come up with that? To which I replied, "I've never heard him say 'old lady' before, but he does have a brain and he does have eyes!" ... Could I be any sweeter? Sorry Mom!- you know I love you - and of course you are a total babe... for an old lady!)

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Raynola said...

Ouch! Hey, from one old lady to another, I think your mommay looks marvelous. Fischer, Christmas is coming dude, you better start kissing up to Grammy now, this may take a while. Start by giving her one of your angelic smiles and a super Fisch hug, that otta do the trick.