Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Harvey and Harry!

Our package arrived from the Little People Swap! Fischer was excited to welcome Harvey the Horse and Harry the Horseshoe to our home yesterday morning. They brought with them a fabulous scrapbook all about their adventures in Oakdale California. They also brought Fisch a great hat and a cute shirt and a bunch of other fun and tasty goodies!
Thanks Manami!!
I wish we would have taken a picture of the package we sent. Of course we sent Dino and a photo album of his summer vacation with us, but we also sent goodies from our state and from our trip to Colorado. A fun surprise was the special picnic blanket Grandma Betsy made for our swap partner. It is sooo cute and sooo us! It has dogs all over it! (Hopefully it doesn't have doghair all over it... although I wouldn't be surprised if a few hitched a ride to California!)
We had a great time with this swap and are ready to do another. We've just signed up for the One Good Book Swap! Join us!

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