Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Swap Friend

We chose a dinosaur for our swap "friend" for the Little People Swap. We were supposed to choose or make a soft friend to take pictures of doing all of the things we are doing this summer. We will send the dino, his scrapbook, and other fun goodies to our swap partner next month. Our partner is California girl! We're excited to "meet" her via the care package. She is younger than Fisch, but has a lot of the same interests! We've been taking the Dino everywhere. I thought I'd show a few of our pics so far.

Dino is hidden in this pic, Fisch and BFF shared him at the zoo, they are both holding him.

Here he is acting as co-pilot with Fisch in an airplane.

Here he is with Fisch and TnT in the mountains. Dino met some new plush puppy friends!

Dino lounging by the pool.

The last four chronicle the beginning of a new friendship. First, you see Dino patiently waiting to share a piece of bread with a new friend.

Then you see that the new friend is no friend at all! He pushed Dino down and took the bread!!! How rude!

Now you see that the new friend isn't all bad. He just had a bit of social anxiety and now would like to make amends with Dino.

Dino, being the forgiving type, has decided to give the new friend a chance. First impressions are often wrong. They get to know each other over a bit of cinnamon swirl bread.

A life long friendship is born... or at least until the bread runs out!


Melissa said...

Very fun--I loved the pictures with the squirrel-- or was it a chimpunk? I have been taking pics of our stuffed "friends" recently too, some with my kids and some without. I feel like if people are watching me, they might think I'm crazy for taking pictures of just these stuffed animals playing at the children's museum, for instance. Oh, well, it is for the sake of the swap!

Liz and Jake said...

Lisa- I loved the pictures of the dinosaur with his little friend Alvin or is it Theodore? Whatever!

I love the swap idea how fun!

Liz said...

Love love love your dino!