Saturday, December 13, 2008

Updates and Challenge

So, I am happy to say that today was a very good day. The guys came to fix the pipe, so now we can use our dishwasher, our sink and our washer and dryer. They have to come back on Monday to replace the ceiling and the wall, though. OH, GUESS WHAT? When they removed the drywall from the ceiling they found... a stack of smutty magazines from 1994! Gross. I don't know why anyone would have put them there, there was no way to get to them... so strange. Someone must have stuck them up there when they were finishing the basement. When we moved in a few years ago, that was all said and done. Anyway, gross. I want to put them in someone else's recycling bin!

Fischer and I ran errands and did some shopping today during the snowstorm. It was great to scratch a few things off the big To Do list! The snow is beautiful and has been coming down on and off all day. Fischer's new L-Bow gloves arrived just in time for the fun.

Today Andy and Fisch and I played at least 20 hands of Go Fish (Fisch's first time). He caught on really fast and can certainly hold his own in the game. Although, I was a bit startled to find myself getting competitive! Seriously embarrassing.

Finally, it is time to check in on the December Exercise Challenge. Today is December 13, how many of you are still IN? You should have 12 or 13 days of exercise depending on if you started on the first or second. No skipping. Anyone? I know a few of us are out (including me) but have still been working out past the slip-up. There were a few who joined the challenge too late for the prize, but still wanted to push themselves. So, how are you? I'd love to hear the good and the bad. If you missed a day or a few days, keep going... you are making good healthy habits regardless of the challenge or the prize. By the way, the prize is still totally fabulous and I'd love to give it to one of you. So please chime in.


Angela said...

Hooray for plumbers! Glad you've got the pipes fixed. What a nightmare.

And hmm, maybe you need to be on HGTV's If walls could talk: the XXX episode. :)

Janalu said...

Listen 94' was a good year, those mags could be worth money. Put them on Ebay! I'm sure hardley any creeps will contact you, only devoted "collectors".

Jenny said...

Yeah... I'm out on the challenge. Between shopping, Avery's birthday and feeling like poop a couple days I've only worked out a total of nine days (I suck.) But hey... that's every other day if I average it out. Now January is another story... watch out treadmill!

And sorry about the pipes situation.. but we've already talked about that enough.

P.S. I finally joined facebook... I was annoyed from getting a bazillion friend requests and not knowing what the hell it was. Curiosity.

Rani and Will said...

You poor thing. I hate house issues, but I'm glad they got it fixed for you! I should have took you up on her excercise challenge as I just finished off a container of Nuddy Buddy things, whatever those things are called. I feel gross, and like I should run 5 miles.