Thursday, November 6, 2008

Frosty fingered dreams come true

We are on our second substantial snow of the season and Fischer is having technical difficulties. Thanks to Grandma he has a great coat and a great pair of snow bibs, and thanks to his buddies he has a 2 pairs of good snow boots, he has a few nice warm hats... So what is the problem? The gloves! Whoever decided to make shortie children's gloves did not have children. And for some reason every glove company has just followed suit for years and years. It is ridiculous! If your child is going to touch the snow at all, then somehow he will fidget and expose a bit of bare skin on his wrist. THEN, your snow play time is short lived after that because the snow is going to get inside the glove, the glove is going to get yanked off and then that tiny bare hand is going to be used to scoop a pile of snow up and... then the waterworks! Frozen fingers, tears... then mom tries to slide the wet glove back onto the wet hand and that doesn't work... so she gives up and... well... time to go inside. That is... until now. I think I may have found the answer to every mother's frosty fingered dreams... drum roll please... Elbow-length gloves! Hello!

L-Bow makes mittens and gloves for kids that fit right over their coat and all the way up to their (you guessed it) elbow! They have waterproof gloves and mittens as well as a new line of breathable gloves and mittens for sweaty hands. I'm really thinking that these are heaven-sent. The price is a little steep for me, but may be worth it for a happy kid who gets to play outside longer. Now, should I order mittens or gloves? I'm thinking mittens. They'll keep his hands warmer and I don't think his fingers are strong enough to let him be that dexterous in think gloves anyway. I'm going to order them, I'll let you know how it works out.

By the way, I know that the fleece gloves pictured above are not waterproof, but we have the same problem with his little snow gloves too.

FRUGAL NOTE: I've heard of savvy mommies who cut 2 holes at the end of a tube sock and slide that over the glove and up the sleeve to protect little wrists. It sounds like it would work like a charm. Why am I going to order these spendy gloves anyway? Because Fisch needs new gloves this season and because I only have to keep track of one pair of gloves... not the gloves and the special socks... I know us... we lose stuff.

Shoot, what if we lose the new gloves? Well, maybe we won't because they are so big!


Janalu said...
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Lisa said...

Hey Jana... You are so funny... totally right! I'm putting in my order today.

Jana wrote:
"Listen the second you start putting old socks on your kid's hands, Gramma will probably have a fit. Plus that's just embarassing "oh look at little Fischer, poor kid has to wear socks for gloves!". I recomend you just but the elbows, please.

Brian and Courtni said...

So jealous...I LOVE snow, but haven't seen it for 2 years! How fun!

Jodie said...

What a cute guy! But I don't miss the snow! My mom told me they had to shovel snow TWICE in one day! No thanks! :)