Friday, December 12, 2008

Lisa and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It had been building up for awhile.  I was feeling crummy and falling behind on my To Do list (which has about a million no-fun responsibilities along with a hundred fires to put out).  So the night before the bad day, I asked Sheila to pick up Fisch in the morning and keep him for a few hours, so I could catch up.
The next morning... 
  • Fischer wakes up too early and won't go back to sleep
  • I get over it and start the laundry and clean the kitchen, I turn on the dishwasher
  • I hear water falling in the basement
  • rush down to find water pouring from the ceiling and all over the washer, dryer, shelves, clean folded laundry pile, and floor in the laundry room
  • run back upstairs to find the source
  • can't find anything
  • run back downstairs to see that it has stopped but there is an enormous mess of water and gunk
  • start to cry (I don't know why) and call my dad
  • still weepy... call Andy
  • while on the phone with Andy Fischer falls off his chair and is screaming bloody murder
  • My stress level hits the roof
  • Doorbell rings, the dogs start barking and jumping on the furniture (a no no), Fischer is still screaming, I'm falling apart on the phone
  • I open the door, yank the dogs into a bedroom, shove a screaming half-naked Fischer at Sheila, go into the office and slam the door (very grown up of me)... still on the phone with Andy who cannot be very helpful because he is an hour away!
  • Off the phone, find Sheila in Fisch's room trying to get him dressed, I put on a nice face... as if I'm not falling apart at the seams and go out to the garage to grab his car seat
  • I drop it on my toe, which splits open
  • Sheila tells me to get out of the house and go sit at Starbucks for a few hours
  • She leaves, I call a bunch of fix-it guys who are too busy to come.  I am trying not to let them hear that I am crying
  • Did I mention that my hormones are a bit out of whack these days?
  • Look at the mess again and realize it has to be a sewage pipe because the "gunk" is actually bits of rotted and disgusting food!  Probably from the dishwasher.
  • Finally get a guy to agree to come in a few hours.
  • Find chocolate and eat it - feel a tad bit better, complain the entire story on the phone to Wanda
  • Feel sick to my stomach, can't accomplish any of my to do list with the water off and the HUGE mess lurking in the basement
  • Go to my parents' to go to the bathroom and then get the brilliant idea to randomly, take a bath in their giant jetted tub.  Ahhh, much better.
  • Come home, wait for the guy.
  • He comes and tells me it is worse case scenario and he will have to rip apart the basement ceiling until he finds the pipe, then we'll have to rip open the wall too because of all the food.
  • He can't come till Saturday.  He tells me to clean this up immediately because of the dangerous bacteria, and If I don't he will lecture me when he comes back.
  • He leaves and I have to leave immediately to go pick up Fisch and meet Andy to close on our refinance of our house.
  • Rush home to start cleaning up the mess before my student comes
  • He never shows
  • I'm just saying...  yesterday sucked!  Oh and I can't use my dishwasher, my kitchen sink, the washing machine or the dryer... fun times.
  • Sooo, how are you?


emily said...

I've had those days matter how much you try to help the situation, it only gets worse. Hopefully today will be a complete 180...Happy Friday!

Liz and Jake said...

You forgot to add you couldn't come to book club! Sorry you had such an awful day...when it rains it pours!!

I hope you start to feel better soon!! Those hormones can be such a!

By the way we picked an easy fun total chick book for this month...Austenland.

I hope you can come next month...good fun, good food and great friends.

Take Care

Angela said...

OMG what a day! I hope today has been much better already. And that they can fix that pipe tomorrow.

What a mess that must have been. Ew!

The Cundick Family said...

Lisa~ What a horrible day, I am so sorry and yes Liz is right When it rains it pours! I have learned to expect things in 3's *LOL* If there is anything I can do I am just a phone call, facebook, e-mail or blog message away....

Leslie said...

I felt for you when I read this. Last Thanksgiving I woke up to a flood in my upstairs laundry with water dripping downstairs through vents and all. The ironic thing was I had just put expensive Christmas in the room right below the washer and all my scrapbooks up on bookcases because I had just read how most floods in the basement are from the floor up. Then wouldn't you know my flood was coming from the ceiling down. While I was trying to do damage control downstairs, Brighton was stomping through the dirty sudsy water upstairs. UGGGH!

Brian and Courtni said...

Some days are like that...even in Australia :-)

Cami said...

I'm sorry your day was so bad....but you crack me up!