Friday, November 7, 2008

What do coffee, style, The Arc, and saving the planet have in common?

Last month I posted about reusable lunch gear: reusable lunch bags, sandwich wraps, napkins and snack bags. Apparently that post caught the eye of a director for Rejavanate bags. He said I might be interested in their product and their company and that there is a good story to go along... and he was right. I was taken with these three things about the company:

1). They reduce a significant source of landfill waste - burlap from coffee

2). They provide jobs to those that often have difficulty finding jobs - The ARC

3). They provide a good way to reduce our paper and plastic bag consumption

Do you know about The ARC? It is an organization that helps to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Finding a job is often a need that that they can help meet.

The Arc is the world’s largest community based organization of and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It provides an array of services and support for families and individuals and includes over 140,000 members affiliated through more than 850 state and local chapters across the nation. The Arc is devoted to promoting and improving supports and services for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

According to Rejavanate:

- Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world

- 800,000 tons of burlap are put into landfills every year

- The ARC helps 140,000 people find housing and employment

- US consumes over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps

- 14 million trees were cut to produce 10 billion paper bags for grocery stores in the US

So with the support of this company and/or the purchase of one of their bags, I can:

  • Create a job for someone who has a disability

  • Save the planet and save landfill space

  • Feel like I'm doing my part to offset my coffee consumption

  • Have a fun new bag to put things in

I'm IN!

If you are interested, check them out. You can also have your company's logo put on the bag. The company's sister site is They offer all kinds of products and information to help you and your family make some good green changes.

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Jenny said...

How great on all counts! I especially love how they provide jobs for those who may have a hard time making companies realize their potential and ability. They'll definitely be getting a new customer!