Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fischisms at 2 1/2

  • Fischer sitting in the cart at the grocery store trying to touch everything on the shelves:

Me: "No." ... "Don't." (repeatedly)
Fischer: Don't say 'don't' to me, it is embarrassing. (no one was around)

  • Fischer sitting at the counter while I cook dinner.

Fisch: Mommy, I want a drink.
Me: (hands full with four pots and pans on the stove) Just a minute.
Fisch: When you say 'just a minute', it hurts my feelings.

  • Fischer and I laying on my bed.

Fisch: Mommy, I love you sooo much.
Me: (fishing for compliments) Why?
Fisch: Because you are cute and a smartie.
Me: What else?
Fischer: (annoyed) That's everything!

  • Fischer in the car with mommy and Grandma Barb, talking about someone who is getting married.

Mommy: Fischer, are you going to get married?
Fischer: Yes.
Mommy: Who are you going to marry?
Fischer: You.
Mommy: (heart swelling) Awww, that is so wonderful, I'd love that.
Grandma Barb: Fischer, are you going to marry me too?
Fischer: You can marry your own self.

(Apparently marrying your mom is ok, but marrying your grandma really crosses the line!)


Brian and Courtni said...

SO cute! I love his little personality -- makes you realize more what is going on in the heads of little ones!

Jenny said...

Such a cute boy... and Avery's favorite friend to play with. Well, except you... if I hear "play with Lisa" one more time I'm going to drive to your house and leave her there!

Craft Matters said...

Fischer sounds like a real sweetie... I love the dotty things our kids say!