Saturday, November 15, 2008

America Recycles Day AND a Challenge...

Today is America Recycles Day. You can find out more information about recycling and ARD events in your area by checking out the National Recycling Coalition website. If you poke around for a minute you'll find a lot of useful information and facts. Turn your bigger kiddies loose on the "conversionator" for a fun way to let them read those great facts. You can also take a pledge to recycle more in 2009. I'm not going to quote you all the facts... we all know it is a responsible and easy way to save the world.

Are you up for a challenge????? Enviromom is challenging us all to reduce our waste enough to only have to set our can out to the curb ONCE a month. She has tons and tons of ideas and tips to help us do this. In fact she goes room by room and lists all the different types of garbage in your house and helps you find an alternative route for it. She does say that this is a journey and may not be able to be accomplished overnight, but making these changes will greatly reduce your waste and therefor "save the world" (ok I added that last part).

I see that Sommer over at 5 Minutes for Going Green was promoting the challenge in October.
Whaddaya think? Are you up for it? Leave me a comment and we can start making changes this month for "practice" and then try it 'for real' in December.... together. Whoa - December? That would definitely be a super-mega-ultra- challenge, but I'm up for it. Who is with me? Sign up in the comments and we can do this thing together!

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