Thursday, August 7, 2008

A random bit of catch-up

The past couple of of weeks have been quite busy.

  • We had a lot of family in town for Fischer's Uncle's wedding. Fisch got to see grandparents he'd only met once before and meet aunts and uncles he'd never met. His highlight was a cousin he'd never met and she was a cutie! (He also had a HUGE crush on the bride - his new aunt!)

  • He has been playing with friends a bunch and taken more than a few trips to the farm. In fact Dino made a new friend that seemed quite happy to see him!

  • I had a fantastic birthday and a Day o' Fun with "Sheila". We realized we hadn't been out together alone since BFF and Fisch were born!! We have got to figure out how to make that happen more often! We went to lunch, and to a movie (Swing Vote - I liked it and we both cried), we lounged at Starbucks, we went to see the Matsiko Choir, and finally wound up back at my house for chocolate cake ( a fabulous one from my MIL) and margaritas with Andy. A great day! The night before we'd had dinner with my parents to celebrate. We had my dad's famous fried chicken and my mom made a really yummy strawberry cake. Am I spoiled? I think so!

  • Yesterday Fisch tried out the ice excavation. I put it on an old towel so that it wouldn't slip around and he could work easily. He enjoyed finding coins in the ice and rescuing all of his sea animals from it. I will say, that his favorite part was watching Sophie do all of the work and he just reaped the benefits!!!


The Cundick 5 said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! We need to have another "Mommy needs a cocktail/mocktail" get together, that was so much fun!! Love all yor "Dino" pics *lol*

Jenny said...

Avery is sitting here with me and when she saw Fischer she said, "where's that Fischer?! Oh! There hs is!" You read my mind on your post because I was just thinking I need to update my blog and I'll just do a "Where have I been?" post. Great minds think alike. And yes, you're spoiled! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

Liz and Jake said...

Happy Birthday! Seriously I miss you. Whatever happened to staying in touch?? I hope you had a great day...we need to celebrate..feel like red mango???

Jessica said...

I love Fisch in that green vest. He looks SHARP. Like a little professor!