Thursday, July 31, 2008

Frozen Fun

Well, we're really hot around these parts... so I thought I'd find some cool and refreshing activities to help us beat the heat. Here are some goodies that I found on the web and I thought I'd share. Ice is cheap - and cheap is always fun!

  • My favorite activity of the new finds are the Ice Treasures over at Let's Explore. They froze lots of little treasures in a block of ice and let the kids have at it with various excavating tools. Looks like a ton of fun!

  • I also really like the Ice Cube Necklace at FamilyFun. It is cute and easy and could really be made over and over!

  • PBSkids has a fun party game for 6 or more friends called Ice Cube Melt. I could see the competition and frozen fingers getting fierce for some kiddos.

  • MommySavers listed a fun and frugal way to Paint with Ice Cubes for toddlers.

  • The Educator's Reference desk had a easy lesson and experiment: What will keep ice cold?

  • And what for furry four-legged children??? Don't forget that you can put your cake pans full of water in the freezer and give your pups some ice blocks to chew on and play with. You might even hide some rawhide treats in the ice for them to excavate!


Rani and Will said...

Ok you have the best ideas ever! Thanks for all the fun info!

Catutes said...

Oh, i think you may have provided new entertainment for my dogs. I never thought about ice in a cake pan with rawhides/treats contained within.
Thanks for the tip!

Samantha said...

I love reading your blog...I like stealing ideas for the kids at school! and I can't wait to be a mommy so I can be as fun as you! :)Fisher is so lucky !!