Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Momma's Boy

After reading yesterday's post, Liz thought I might like this video - so funny! Little does she know that if you ask Fischer where he is getting a tattoo when he is 18 he'll tell you on his butt. If you ask him what it will say he'll point to one butt cheek and say "Mommy" then point to the other and say "Daddy"! Seriously folks. (Thanks for the tattoo inspiration Aunt Bekah!)

Oh, and I've been kicking myself for not picking up the toddler briefs with the heart mom tattoos all over them. I saw them last year - hilarious!!!!!

Ha!!! I'd be proud to have a Momma's Boy!!!

(By the way, I DON'T want him getting a tattoo when he is 18 - unless it is the description above - because then that is just funny!!! I'd be making him drop his pants for everyone! LOL)


Jenny said...

Yeah... that's not a lot for his future wife to live up to! Can't. Even. Imagine.

The Cundick 5 said... that in my future *UGGGG* I think my boys are all momma's boys, is that bad???

Liz and Jake said...

Love the post Lisa! One of my cousins favorite things to do was to head to vegas to gamble with 3 of his buddies. While there one time they all decided to get tattoos. They each had an ace card tattooed just below their hips.

The night before he was married he shocked his Mom by dropping his drawers and showing her. Everyone in the family knew but her!

Seriously I'm not quite sure why I shared this story and am sure you are wondering the same thing...Whatever would you expect anything less??