Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boy Moms: Celebrate

Ahhh, being a mom to a boy is a unique experience (not that I know what it would be like to be a mom to a girl). We get to experience things that girl moms don't, and we miss out on things that girl moms get to experience.

In celebration of boy moms, I'd like to offer up a few fun sites:

  • Linda Marie Ford's It's good to be the Queen (where mom's of boys reign) is a fun site for all things boy! It is like a support group and party for boy moms. So great. In fact, in a few states they have started actual clubs and chapters from this site. What fun!!
  • Amy's Boy Mom Designs is an online t-shirt store with shirts designed for, you guessed it, boy moms! I love them! They have slogans like "we fight bad guys" and "boy moms rock".
  • Cafe' Press also has some fun mom of boy designs.
  • Of course we've all probably seen the Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden, but have you seen the The Big Book of Boy Stuff by Bart King and Chris Sabatino? Both books are bursting at the binding with information, ideas and activities to keep any adolescent boy busy doing boy stuff (which by the way some of the activities in both books are a little much for this mom of a 2 year-old, so I hope I can loosen up before he turns 8 and starts wanting to do experiments in my kitchen, and list off all of the names for flatulence, and tie strings to flies, and make rockets and... you get the point).
  • For more camaraderie from other moms of boys check out MOBS Lounge and Moms of Boys Internet meeting place.


Janalu said...

Geeze I haven't read the blog in a while and I have missed out on some stuff. Uhhh including your uh birthday. I am so sorry. God forbid Matt try remebering it. So since this is the second year in a row that he hasen't kept track you are getting something real good!

Lisa said...

Jana- no prob, I didn't send Matt anything so don't feel like you need to worry about it!!!

Jenny said...

Whatever, you wan't the gift! I feel for janalu though, Rob came home the other day and told me, "I think it's my parents 41st wedding anniversary, did we get them a card?" Uh, no dumbass, you didn't tell me! Okay, sorry to hijack your family conversation.

On the topic of your post... I LOVE the picture of you and Fischer. You need to blow that up and frame it. So great!

Lisa said...

Jenny, Danae took a bunch of pics of Fisch and I to give Andy for Father's day last year. She is talented. Anyway, thanks, I like it too. It is my facebook pic.

Lisa said...

Jana - Jenny's right. I take it back now that I've seen the awesome bag you knitted. Check it out people, this girl's got talent!!!


The Cundick 5 said...

What a darling picture!! I love being a mom to ALL boys...I don't know what I would do with a girl, I am a "soccer mom" all the way!!