Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're Back

We are home from Denver and we had a fabulous trip!! Fischer and BFF loved playing with their friends.

They played kitchen, dolls dress-up, slides and toys with I2.
They played squirt guns, spies, and Star Wars and other so-called "violent stuff" with P6.
They played dinosaurs, vehicles, bikes and Lightsabers with Q4.

They played hard and fought hard everyday. Fischer, BFF and I2 spent a lot of time learning about cause and effect as they tormented each other! We discovered that both BFF and I2 can hold their own and will not give up - ever!!! Meanwhile, Fisch gave into them and cried about it every time!
(If the slide shows below are trying to make you do something, just refresh the page. They should just go ahead and show you the pics.)

While we were there we went to the Downtown Aquarium. All of the kids had a really great time and loved looking at the fish and the tigers! Fischer and I2 enjoyed having snacks and running from exhibit to exhibit. Fischer was a scared of the flash flood storm, but BFF loved it! We took some pics of Dino while we were there.

We went to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Preserve. We went for a little hike that Fischer hated (he was having a bad day). He proclaimed to everyone that he did "not want to have any fun!". The rest of us thought the area was beautiful and we admired all of the flowers and butterflies. Fischer perked up when we went into the Nature Center. He loved the puppets, head phones, binoculars and all of the great animal displays.

The kids loved the Montclair Recreation Center where we went swimming a few times. They had a large shallow area for toddlers with fountains and slides.

We went to many different parks and some great fountains. The kids played and played.

I think the kids loved just being together in the house and yard eating, playing, sleeping, bathing and relaxing. Fisch and BFF got a taste of "big family" life.

One funny thing:

The first morning we were there, I woke up to P6 in my room with a very serious question to ask.

P6: "So are you two married or do you just live together?"

Me: "Who? Me and Fischer?"

P6: "No. You and Aunt Sheila?"

One not-so funny thing:

I fell asleep on the bed one afternoon and woke to find Fischer had painted his face, his clothes, the portable DVD player, the sheets, the table, the lamp, and the DVDs with my make-up foundation!!!!! I now know that it stains.

PS: I hope you didn't get motion sickness from all of the slide shows going at once!


Jenny said...

Yay! You're all home! It looks like you all had such a great time! There are a couple of pictures of BFF and I2 laughing up a storm on a picnic table that are ridiculously cute! And I think you should name one of the pictures "I2 petting a Fisch" because it follows the slide titled "Fisch petting a fish." Hope all is going well getting back to "normal."

Kristy said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Now I see why you need more foundation!! Give me call when you get a chance.

Raynola said...

I'm so glad you had fun and I'm so glad you're home! Hey, I see Fisch huggin on a least two different little chickies, BFF and I2, what smooth ladies man! NO wonder I love him so much!

The Cundick 5 said...

Didn't you love Denver?? My boys loved the Denver Aquarium and asked to go back everyday!! The heat was on how did you keep cool??? We spent loads on drinks everywhere we went :o I loved seeing my snack tip on your saved us on our road trip and all around Denver! Cute Pics, I really like the ones with the Dino ;) Welcome Back!!!

Liz and Jake said...

It is so good to know I don't have the only child who likes to play with makeup! Glad you had fun on your trip and made it home safely...when are we going running?