Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stuck in a toilet seat

Well we are here in Denver. The car trip went well, and my car activities worked out nicely. It would have been even better had I gotten that snack and play travel tray. Because the cookie sheets were a bit tipsy. However, they did their job.

Also, the snack mix has gotten rave reviews from all 5 kids. P6 said that it is "the best snack mix in the world!!!"

All has gone well, other than Fischer getting the Dora toilet seat stuck around his neck this morning. The sickest part is that he kept putting his mouth on it!!! Gag! Anyway, it scraped up his ears a bit, but we got it off!

Fisch and Andy have been talking via web cam every night. Andy even read him a story tonight.
So cute.

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