Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oooey gooey fun!

Fisch and I had a stay-home day today. We didn't go anywhere, which is quite rare. It was wonderful! How easily you forget what a day in your pjs can do for you! Anyway, we played and did a series of messy "experiments". He LOVED it! They were just the old elementary school stand-bys: baking soda and vinegar, Karo syrup and food coloring, corn starch and water... but, of course he loves a good mess, so these activities were right up his ally!

BTW: Yes, I know that I completely butchered his bangs with a pair of dull scissors! However he CAN see now, and I'll take him for a real cut next week. Personally, I feel better when I can see his eyes!


Jenny said...

What cute activities! And I completely agree with you - I love Avery's and my stay at home days. Sometimes I actually feel guilty about tromping her out to so many activities; I know they're supposed to be for her benefit but at times I feel like I schedule her too much. It's easy to forget that just letting them play outside in the yard is just as good, if not more fun for them than other activities. I need to know exactly what you did for Fisch's activities today, Avery would love that!

Janalu said...

Good thing you bought that pool so you can take him out and hose him down!

Angela said...

What a fun mess. I keep meaning to make some cornstarch playdoh with Nicky.

Oh, and I totally did the same thing to Nicky's bangs about two weeks ago. I just couldn't take it anymore! Now I just have to follow thru and actually get him to a barber in the next week or so.