Monday, May 12, 2008

Save the world one Small Change at a time

I just received an email from Cody about this really easy and wonderful way to give! Country Crock and America's Second Harvest have teamed up to give you and I a chance to donate a meal to a family in need. All you have to do is go to Your Family Table website and share one small change that you and your family have made to improve your health. That's it! My story made the 1,245,797th meal donated. Jump on board, it only takes a minute.
Your support can change lives.
Food provides the foundation for success and growth in life. America’s Second Harvest Network provides food assistance to 25 million people each year, including nearly nine million children. Through the power of our Network of emergency food providers, every dollar you donate provides 16 meals, and the hope of a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow.
Thanks Cody, I really appreciate the information and I'm happy to be able to share your project!

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Janalu said...

OK it took me like 4 tries to get that comments widget to work. I consider your blog kind of like the "Jones" I must keep up with you!