Monday, May 12, 2008

Too fab gift idea!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I sure did. We had a lovely BBQ with all of the relatives and Andy and Fischer gave me a fabulous book. Andy made it and it is wonderful. I wish you could read it. It is all about Fischer and me... too precious! It is kind of patterned after the "No, David" books, except it is all photos of Fisch!
Anyway, I have been dying to blog about Rachel Analeise over at Etsy. She makes some fabulous jewelry pieces, but I recently ordered personalized pendants for Fischer's grandmas and great-grandmas. He drew a few pictures and I sent them to Rachel. She shrunk them down and turned them into necklaces. Everyone LOVED them! I should have taken a picture, shoot! Anyway, she was really great to work with, the necklaces were very professional and high quality and it was incredibly affordable. SO great!!! You could do it for next mother's day or maybe grandma's birthday! She can also put photos on pendants or what not. Check her out.
By the way, do you know about Etsy? It is a place to buy or sell handmade items. There are many, many, many beautiful items. Definitely worth looking into!


Janalu said...

I LOVE Etsy! I could and have spent hours looking at all the neat and sometimes very wierd things people makw and sell. I will text you everytime I work out. We need some kind of mile tracker or something.

Jenny said...

I'm going to have to check out Etsy, I've never heard of it but now want to take a gander! Your Mother's Day gift sounds fabulous!!! You'll have to show it to me next time I see you (who knows when that will be since I'm being anti-social.)