Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words from Wanda

Children's Library-

My kiddos LOVE books and we have many of them. Two problems I was encountering was: too many books all over the floor and having so many books we did not even know what we had. Therefore, I created "Book Bins" I categorized some of the books by author and others by subject (whatever works for you is great), I gave each bin a face plate and wrote what was in the bin and had my husband draw pictures to correlate with the words. You might be wondering, what has come of all of this.

  1. Less books on the floor
  2. A greater appreciation for the books we have
  3. A chance for the kids to read all the books we have.

How do they get to read them all? At night I give my sons (ages 5 and 3) ten minutes of quiet reading time. I allow them to "check out" a bin of books. Some rules I have are: they can not have the same bin two nights in a row and they have to be responsible for putting the books back in the bin when I come in to shut the lights off. I find it nice to know what books we have and I find myself reading my kids a more diverse collection of books than I did when the books were not organized. The boys enjoy "checking out" different bins each night and I enjoy the organization.


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Lisa said...

Thanks Wanda, I think this is an excellent idea, thank you for sharing it!