Tuesday, March 18, 2008


  • Fischer just got his first hockey stick and is sooo excited about learning to play. Andy told him that he'd teach him to ice skate this summer. (I haven't found any peewee leagues for under age four).
  • Fischer pooped in the bathtub with Mommy this morning, fabulous!
  • Rice cakes are now "too yucky".
  • No running for a week + 12 miles of hills on Saturday = major pain and injury - YIKES
  • I'm going to send in an audition tape for Fischer to possibly be in a Signing Time video. He'd be so totally famous! His best little boy-buddy is trying out too. Wish them luck!
  • Fischer held a tiny 2 month-old baby bear on Sunday and had his picture taken, (I'll hook up my scanner later and post it) with Grandpa and MamaBarb.
  • Why haven't I ever bought a Magic Eraser before? These things are AMAZING! Fischer walked all around the house pointing out all of the places that he has drawn: floors, walls, doors, the printer, etc. I cleaned it all off with absolutely NO elbow grease. PS - I have seen the email about the magic eraser dangers, so don't worry - I didn't let him touch it.


Janalu said...

I love the magic eraser. It does wonders for all the greas and dirt that gets plastered on the shower from matt and his messy job! You know you can always put him in ballet, it will make him more gracefull on the ice when he grows up:)

Liz and Jake said...

Hey Lisa-

I did'nt know of the dangers of the magic eraser and am sad to say I learned on my own! Pretty Sad!

I have been meaning to tell you to check out blurb.com, they can turn your blog into a book at the end of the year. It is like keeping a journal for me and let's be honest we all know I am not a scrapbooking mom! SHHH our secret...well and everyone elses who reads your blog! Check it out I heard it isn't too difficult and actually not too expensive either.

Jenny said...

Fischer really does have great form in this picture! Andy must be soooo proud!