Friday, March 21, 2008

Quality Control

Fischer and I have been experimenting with some new products to try and style Mommy's new do! I seem to be a bit style-challenged. I'm sure you haven't noticed.
Happy Easter!


Liz and Jake said...


I love it! How does Andy feel about it though?

Thanks for the cupcakes yesterday, my girls keep asking when they can go back to Fisher's and play. Fisher's mommy is so much cooler than theirs!

Jenny said...


Anonymous said...

Classic photo! I have some great ones from last summer of Zev (and Bernie actually- Zev put them on him too) wearing my headbands- Zev will have to show Fisch how to wear the flowered headband look with confidence-

Happy Easter early-

Lisa said...

Andy and Fischer are very confident in their manliness - Andy used to work for Clairol (little known fact).