Monday, March 31, 2008

This guy works out at the Little Gym

So, this guy comes walking into our Little Gym class this morning with his daughter and wife - too cute. I had no idea that I was in the presence of fame until Jenny

and her family had an "OMG" moment. I kind of felt bad for the guy, in a room full of little kiddos (and some oblivious mommies) who had no idea of his greatness! Anyway, by default, Fischer and I are practically famous now too. We're totally inviting his little girl to our next birthday party! Ha!

My Dad asked if Deron was going to take Fisch aside and give him private lessons. I'm afraid that at this point in time, Fisch has his sites set on winning the Stanley Cup. He saw it in one of his books and has now started begging for it. "Please Daddy! Fischer have Stanley Cup!" Uh, I know that it has to be Andy's wildest dream-come true for Fisch to bring that home one day!
Basically, Fischer likes everything that Daddy likes. Except the other day when he was holding Andy's bag of chips from lunch, Fischer says "bag, pain in butt!"


Liz and Jake said...

So knowing you and Fischer is like my claim to fame! I am so glad we're friends.

Lisa said...