Monday, March 31, 2008

20 Miles

This past Saturday was my last really long run before the marathon. I ran 20 miles... it was a bit of a roller coaster of events. The first 30 minutes, I was pretty miserable. The doctor had put a heel lift in my right shoe to help my torn right calf muscle. I felt a bit like the princess and the pea, because I couldn't stop thinking about it. My left calf was cramping and my right foot was bruising and all of it seemed due to this small piece of foam under my insole. I kept stopping to stretch and walk to try to make everything feel better. Finally, I took out the lift and everything began to go smoothly. I was even able to catch up to my team! I don't run quite as fast as them, but was able to catch up to them periodically at the water stops. I felt really good until mile 17 when my stomach became very upset. There were no bathrooms between me and the 20 mile mark, so I had to keep going. I walked those last three miles, because I was soooo sick. So, I'm trying to make some small changes that will hopefully make it so this doesn't happen on race day. The same tummy trouble occurred for me during my last marathon (it hit at mile 20). Here are my ideas... if you have experience in this area, please help!
  • First of all, I am going to make sure to stop during the race to use the bathroom, somewhere between mile 10 and 15 (whether I have to go or not).
  • Second, I am going to take a GU every hour and a half rather than every hour.
  • Third, I'm going to incorporate some sort of food, like a cracker, so that my stomach doesn't get so queasy with the Gu, Gatorade, water, and nerves.


Janalu said...

Just so you know, I mailed your race check today! In the original envelope and everthing!

Lisa said...

Jana, you get the "Best Sister-in-law" Award! Thank you!

Liz and Jake said...


You are amazing! I was in so much pain on Saturday and I am sure it doesn't compare to your poor leg. I can't believe we have just 19 days left! What an experience this has been. I am so glad I met you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa- You have to do whatever works best for you food and water wise, and of course the most important thing is to get your body really used to it on long runs so it's a bit too late to offer my advice (but I'll do it anyway ha ha)
I personally can't do any drinks but water. I used dried pineapple and water throughout all my long runs and my first marathon and all of the 20Ks that I have done. My second marathon I tried Gatorade (don't ask me why I decided to try it during the event) and threw up 3 x at various points- and since it was Boston there were crowds the whole way so I never had any privacy. Blech. I have never really been able to stomach Gatorade at any point- it always looks good in the store but always makes me feel a little ill- so it might just be me. But I feel much better when I just do water.

On the dried pineapple: I LOVE the dried pineapple chunks as they are sweet like candy, you can carry a whole baggie full and they're very light weight, they dissolve really easily in your mouth with no aftertaste (I hate that GU aftertaste), but give a great boost- and it's not just a short-lived boost like you can get off of GU or candies.
Also, before the race I only have dry Cheerios and dry toast or bagel. I learned that trick from my old swim coaches who never let us have any sort of dairy the morning of meets. That's totally old school now (everyone says have protein morning of) but it still works for me to keep me from being ill. My stomach just doesn't handle a lot before and during running.
Now if you want some tips on what to eat after- EVERYTHING!:) Lauren

Lisa said...

Liz - I hope your knee gets better quick - maybe another trip to the Oh-so-dreamy, Dr. Toronto is in order!

Lauren - thanks for the tips, I may just pack some pinapple in my little pack. I'm thinking that maybe I'll cut back a bit on the gatorade too. I usually do PB&J about 2 hours before, and it seems to work ok, but the day of the marathon - I know I'll be WAY too nervous to eat that. I'll proably have dry toast or PB toast. Obviously, I love peanut butter! What brand of pinapple?