Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Books for today

I Stink by Kate and Jim McMullen is a really great garbage truck book. Fischer's good friend and fellow garbage truck lover gave it to him for his birthday. Fisch loves it, especially when Andy reads it in his gruff garbagey voice! We've been reading this one quite often along with I'm Dirty, by the same author. We picked it up at the library and it is quite exciting - if you are into backhoes!
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub by Audrey and Don Wood is an old favorite that I'd forgotten about until my sister-in-law blogged about it recently. My brother LOVED this book when he was little and I LOVED reading it to him. Fischer and I borrowed the BIG BOOK version of it from the library...and now he LOVES it too! He always tells me that it is "Uncle Matt's favorite book". It is about a king who loves the tub so much (I can totally relate) that he won't get out and actually ends up enticing the queen, the knight, the duke and the court to get in with him! Fischer likes to recite all of the repetitive parts. The illustrations are fabulous and the book is quite funny. I read it with a seven-year-old yesterday and he like it too!
We love Audrey and Don's work. We've also recently been enjoying The Big Hungry Bear. It is a bout a little mouse who picks a strawberry and is trying to hide it from the "big hungry bear". I love the expressions on the mouse's face.
Z is for Zamboni by Matt Napier is a hockey alphabet book. As I mentioned yesterday, Fisch is really interested in hockey! He loves to label all of the hockey things in each picture. The first time I pulled this book off the shelf for him was just after he and I had watched Andy play hockey. I thought he'd totally dig it because he loved the game so much. He really wasn't interested (this happens a lot on the first read-through of a new book with him). We thought he may be too young for it, but then I pulled it out a second time and just labeled the pictures with him and connected it to Daddy. Now he loves it and we read it almost every night. He still begs to have the Stanley cup and also to drive a Zamboni. "Fischer drive Zamboni, clean up ice?"


Liz and Jake said...

Seriously Lisa-

Not to down play your awesome books but have you checked out bakerellas blog page this week? We are totally going to have to make those cute cupcake pops and watch her on Martha Stewart. Once again I just want to say...Why didn't I think of that??

Lisa said...

OMG! I am definitely going to record that. I had read her instructions, and was a bit confused - so it'll be great to watch her make them! Thanks for the alert, Liz!