Monday, March 10, 2008

Pain in the neck

This afternoon, Fischer was in his car seat complaining that his seat belt was too tight and that his neck hurt. Then he says:
"Neck is killing me!"
I couldn't help but laugh because of my recent trapezius injury. I must have said that statement for 2 weeks straight! BUT, that was a few weeks ago AND he never said it until now! It just goes to show you that they hear everything, and they log it away to use at just the right moment. Anyway, then in true-to-Fischer form he scolds his neck:
"Neck, DO NOT killing me!"


Janalu said...

that is hilarious! I like that he scolded his neck. That is so cute.

Jessica said...

Oh Fischer! Tell him I said "Hi YA! Hi Ya!!!"

Lisa said...

It is because of you two that he says "Hi Ya" all of the time! I'm just glad the "I'm a maniac" didn't stick for too long!