Monday, March 10, 2008

Book of the day

by, Terri Degezelle

For those of you who didn't know, Fischer is obsessed with garbage trucks. We have checked out a plethora of garbage truck books and videos from the library. He LOVES them! These are informational books and videos - not cartoons - and he is glued to them! He likes to watch videos of garbage trucks picking up cans and dumpsters on You Tube. He has two giant garbage truck toys (one side-loader and one rear-loader) and a miniature one that he can take wherever he goes! I'm serious, the guy loves his "garby f*cks".


Anonymous said...

I didn't actually know this Lisa- but Zev is likewise obsessed. I am so glad I am not the only one out there who regularly goes to YouTube for the garbage truck videos. He also really likes "plow trucks" (snow plows) so we watch those too. Zev LOVES the book I Stink and we have had it out from the library more than it is in the library! Do you have that one? We're hoping not since he picked that out at the bookstore for his buddy Fischer's bday present a few weeks ago and I have been having to hide it from him until we see you....

We do not have any garbage truck toys yet but Bernie and I have decided the baby is going to give Zev a special big brother gift when she comes and it will be a garbage truck (we picked one out but need to order it pronto!)

Lisa said...

Oh, we love "no plows" too! We do not have "I stink" - can't wait! I think that the baby gift of a garbagge truck is awesome! Alexis gave Fisch one that says "I LOVE the smell of trash" - nice! He LOVES it!