Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's talk about my 18 miles

I ran 18 miles today and it was FABULOUS! I'm not kidding. I ran it in under 4 hours - which is really good for me - AND I was able to keep up with my teammates (speedy little Liz and Kristy) until maybe the last 2 miles. That is HUGE for me! Another fabulous thing is that I feel great. I took a not-so-fun ice bath and am feeling really good, tired, but good! Usually I'm limping around by now because my knee is killing me, but not today!

OK, here is the ONE crummy part: chafing! I have been rubbed raw in areas that are no fun to be rubbed raw in! Please DO NOT picture this in your mind! I wore the same clothes I usually do my long runs in, but today they definitely malfunctioned! I should have used Sport Shield before the run. So now I am hobbling around the house like I just got off a horse! Too much information, I know - I just need to complain. I tried to entertain Fischer for an hour on my bed with books and games so that I wouldn't have to move! After he went to bed, I sat down with a bowl of cereal (dinner of champions), and proceeded to spill it on myself. I was NOT about to get up, so I sat there for 5 minutes (as the milk soaked through my shirt) trying to direct Sophie (my dog) to bring me the towel on the end table. Her vocabulary is apparently pretty poor (I'll have to get her set up on an IEP to work on it)... She was looking everywhere but the end table. She did bring it to me, but the poor thing must have momnesia too because she used to be able to open the fridge and bring Andy a beer!
So now I'm trying to decide if I should soothe my problem with neosporin or Fischer's buttpaste! Let me know if you have experience in this area (not the actual affected area - but on the subject of chafing).
You can thank me for sparing you a picture of the affected area!


Anonymous said...

Lisa- It's not the same "area" as you're having issues with, but I have to use the blister-free socks from Wright- they are double-layer and work wonderfully to prevent blisters if you ever have that problem. I've never had a lot of chafing problems elsewhere expect occasionally with running bra straps- I use just plain old Vaseline underneath the areas might rub before I run sometimes, and for me a big key is getting out of my running clothes asap after running- I used to change quickly in the car before driving home from long run sites.


Liz and Jake said...

So we all know I have had the same problem because let's be honest I share everything while running! Whatever! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut but again let's be honest I CAN'T! I haven't used glide yet (I still need to buy it) but I love baby powder. I have used it the last two weeks and this week didn't have any problems. I feel for you though! I felt the same about today's run and have been on a high since I got home! I hope the 20 will be the same!!!

Jenny said...

I know I told you last night but I am so thoroughly impressed!

Jessica said...

You need a pair of those hot spandex leggings. They can swish against each other. Although, if I were to wear them the friction my cause a fire down there which could turn out to be much much worse. In that case I say Vaseline all the way !!!!! And, I did stick come pussy willows up my nose yesterday, my nasal passages were chilly.

Janalu said...

Whoa Jess, she wants to stop the burn not start one! I say try running with your legs farr far apart. You may look stupid but at least you won't rub or start yourself on fire!

Lisa said...

Hey Girls, thanks for all of the advice. I'm feeling better today -the neosporin worked. Lauren, have you heard of people eating the vaseline that they hand out during marathons? I've heard that some people mistake it for some kind of energy gel! EEWWWW! I think I'd definitely "bonk" right after a mouthful of that!