Friday, March 28, 2008


  • I forgot to tell you that I did have fun with all of the kids yesterday, I was just ready for bed!
  • Our upstairs has all hard floors (read easy to clean) except for one room with carpet. This is the room that the dog chose to throw up in 3 times last night. Yuck. Apparently, the whiffle balls she ate yesterday didn't sit well.
  • I'm going to run 20 miles tomorrow. This will be the longest run I do before the marathon. Wish me luck - I'll need it. My calf muscle is feeling better, but I definitely have not put it to the test.
  • We went to the zoo on Wednesday with MamaBetsy, and Fischer is still talking about all of the different kinds of poop we saw (giraffe, bear, zebra, etc).
  • It turns out that drinking an enormous iced mocha right before bed doesn't help you sleep - no matter how tired you are. I'm REALLY sleepy today.
  • Fischer has only slept all the way through the night 3 times this month. Help.
  • About Easter, we had a lovely weekend. Sheila planned a fabulous Easter egg hunt for Fischer and his buddy. It was really cute. Fisch looked great in his green sweater vest (which MamaBarb swears he picked out on his own). We had breakfast with MamaBarb and Grandpa. Unfortunately we missed church because Fisch was up all night - and we were all exhausted. The Easter bunny brought Fischer a tee-ball set.
  • In case you were wondering, MamaBetsy and MamaBarb are the names that Fisch has given his grandmothers. We are not a multiple mother family. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
  • Wanda has been in town all week and Sheila and I have been loving it! It is so fun for the three of us to spend time together. We've been BFFs since middle school!
  • That's not an apparition above Fischer's head in the first picture...the sun is just reflecting off my sweet boy's head.


Janalu said...

I printed that second pic and I have it at my desk. I love that outfit. It is excellent! He has great taste.

Jessica said...

You know your child is an angel when his own beautiful blonde hair reflects the sun! How cute is that vest ! He can pick out my clothes.

Lisa said...

He must have gotten his fashion sense from you two, he certainly did not get it from Andy nor I!