Friday, February 29, 2008

Ahhh, to be two!

Fischer is keenly observant to the world around him. He notices everything! He has now begun to comment on his findings, a step up from labeling. For example:

He sees a bird flying and the bird makes a sound - Fischer says "Bird! Say good morning Fischer!" How nice of the birds to acknowledge his presence!

He hears daddy make a noise - Fischer says "Daddy burp. Excuse me Daddy!"

Kaia (our dog) makes a noise - Fischer says "Kaia gas. Kaia poopin!'"

He hears a double beep - Fischer says "microwave done!" (Even if we are in a parking lot and the sound came from someone's car alarm.)

He hears continuous beeping - Fischer says "backing up" Then proceeds to guess what kind of truck it could be. "garbie f*ck, dum f*ck, fire f*ck..."

Now it is not all about hearing either. I am going to relay this embarrassing story, please do not think less of me for judging another. You can feel sorry for my low self-esteem instead! So... We were in a store when I happened to notice a woman across the way who looked EXACTLY like me. Well, actually I was hoping that it was my imagination and that I was delusional. Because she actually looked like the ME that I hope that I don't look like, but have a sneaking suspicion that I DO! I was trying to decide in my mind if she was at least heavier than me (I'm horrible - I know). She was plain like me, blond pony tail like me, heavy like me, glasses like me... It is the me that I look like everyday, but like to think I don't USUALLY look like that. You know, if I did my hair, makeup , had cute clothes, and a few less pounds - I'd look nothing like that. Anyway, there I am standing in line at the check-out when Fischer notices her too. Then says as loud as possible, while pointing at her, "MOMMY over there! Mommy over there!" then he proceeds to point at me and then over to her to continuously make this comparison! All the while I'm turning a red and hissing in his ear "don't compare Mommy to other people!". So, moral of the story... I look as exactly as I had hoped that I don't. AND I probably DESERVE to look like that, for being such a terrible person!

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