Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book of the day

Written by Kevin Lewis and Illustrated by Daniel Kirk

Maybe Fischer just has a thing for books with an exclamation point in the title! This is another one of his favorite daily reads. I discovered this morning that between the two of us, we could recite the entire story WITHOUT the book! Lots of repetition and most importantly, lots of vehicles! After the truck gets stuck in a hole, they call upon many other passersby to help pull them out. He loves it. I hadn't heard of this one before (and being an elementary teacher - I've heard of my share of books!). We received it from Brighter Vision Learning Adventures (I definitely recommend this company for toddler/preschool books and activities).


Liz and Jake said...


I love your blog! Fischer is so darling, Alex and I can't wait to meet him. I love your book suggestions and am going to have to take a trip to the library. We always love new books, I don't think you can have enough.

Thanks for your emails today. I guess I need to watch my language. Any suggestions on what could replace WHATEVER!!!

Avenue said...