Friday, February 29, 2008

Fabulous Chicken Salad

I made this chicken salad recipe tonight. Daddy and Fischer ate it while I was tutoring. Afterward I asked Daddy if he liked it. He said "I'm afraid that YOU are not going to like it."
"Why?" I said.
"Because I Loved it!" said Daddy.

Hallelujah! It has been quite awhile since I made something that he went wild over! This recipe came from it is my new favorite place. Kathy Maister has recipes and videos. Everything is step by step (which I really need!). I usually go to because I like that you can see how the recipe was rated and use the comments to alter it for the better. However, this site is really great too! Thank you Kathy! You may just put faith back in my husband in regards to my cooking.

The other day he told me that he can eat my cooking when he is healthy, but when he is sick... he needs something GOOD!

Update: Andy puts this together as lettuce wraps instead of salad, yummy.

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Jenny said...

Rob would love somethinglike this!!! Thanks for sharing!