Sunday, November 8, 2009

It is not all or nothing....

I need to remember that. So often I put a plan into place, then when I make a mistake, I throw the whole plan out the window. I do it every time I'm trying to form a new habit, like daily exercise, not eating sugar, daily laundry, etc. So here I am trying to blog everyday for a month... and I missed yesterday!

I am going to go against all that I am and keep blogging every day for the month. It is a lesson in forgiveness for myself.

Here are a few of my random thoughts for today:

  • I found out today that fireman do NOT wear jammies at the firestation. Yes, I had to ask.

  • Maddie is only noisy in church if everyone else is quiet.

  • I can now run fabulously without any pain in my pelvis.

  • Kaia cannot run anymore, it makes her too limpy.

  • My mom has become a rockstar.

  • Fischer and BFF must wear boots and snow pants if there is even the slightest chance of encountering snow.

  • Maddison looks so stinkin' cute in babylegs... I just want to eat her up.

  • Fischer just told me to write : "February 27th we should go to Hawaii, for my present and my birthday party."

  • That's his birthday, I think he is right! That would be a great present! Ummm, I'd like to go there for my birthday too! Hmmm... someday.

  • We're on round two of the fall cold... only a few days of wellness in between. How does this happen when I am so careful to keep our hands washed and sanitized? Maybe because my son licked the doors at JCPenney's.


Jenny said...

1.) Yay! You can run!!! I'm so happy for you.... and your pelvis.
2.) Why is your mom a rockstar? Not that she wasn't one already but what other phenomenal thing has she done?
3.) If you want to go to Hawaii in April then Fischer and Avery could frolic on the beach together... and really, you know there wouldn't be anything cuter than that, right?
4.) So sorry about the sickness. Avery came down with something a couple nights ago and all I can say is that it has made for one very unhappy little girl. And one very unhappy mommy. Grrrr.

Karrie said...

I, too, am an "all or nothing" kind of gal. I noticed it especially with exercise and healthy eating. If I can't go for an all out sweaty run, why bother? And, if I pig out on pizza or cheeseburgers, I figure I'm all messed up anyway, so I might as well eat whatever and sit on my bootie. I feel your pain. Way to get back in there!

Jenny said...

Lisa... has Karrie been listening in on our telephone conversations?! Terrifying that we all seem to think that way, because really, if you're going to eat the cheeseburger what's the hurt in adding the fries and milkshake.... you've already messed up your healthy eating day! Structure is hard.

Ellen said...

Lisa, good lesson on forgiving yourself about not being perfect--with diet, or blogging, or whatever--as close as we can get is better than nothing! Keep forgiving yourself and starting over.

And, yes, I'd love to hear more about Barb being a rock star!