Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 days in... how are you doing?

Today is day four of the exercise challenge. There are 8 official participants, and not quite as many in the running for the fabulous prize.
How is it going for you? I figured we'll check in once a week over here... I'll post about it and you can let us know how you are doing. If you miss a day, you'll be out of the running for the prize, but just jump right back in and finish out the month with us. No use in quitting ;)

So, as predicted, I have a raging cold and feel like I've been run over by a truck. It is not getting the least bit better, only worse. HOWEVER, I have still exercised every day. Granted my sessions haven't been aerobic (since I can't breathe) BUT I have challenged myself nonetheless, which is WAY more than I would normally do when I am sick. So, I figure that is good.

I'd love to hear what you've done the past 4 days. By commenting about it, we'll inspire each other to keep on sweating!

Anyway, let's cheers to healthy habits!!


Kat Thornburgh said...

Lisa... after a long month of little to no exercising because of more demand at work, I've taken your challenge. I've been able to get in at least 3 miles of running every day this month. But I'm really working on my abs. I have always hated situps... and the flab is proof. So hopefully by the end of the month there will be a little less there to pinch. Thanks for inspiring me! -Kat

Lisa said...

Hey kat, I'm glad you are in! You are totally in the running for the "fabulous prize"!

Anonymous said...

1. Made a little chart that says "Lisa's Exercise Challenge" and posted it in the kitchen where it is very visible! I'm excited about this because today (a busy work day) would be a day I likely would not exercise, but because of the challenge- I am going to fit SOMETHING in today! :)
2. Called a few stores to see if there are any Wii Fits for sale (we were just given a Wii as a present and are excited about the idea of working out with a Wii Fit)
3. Did my regular running route with the double stroller but added both dogs too. (But some sort of aligment issue going on with stroller so did have to stop several times and fix it)


mandie said...

Okay--Im out! oops guess I just got a little too busy or a little too lazy. I will keep working though. Maybe just 25 days in December