Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Ramblings on beds and cheese

Thank you all for your well wishes and emails, I am cured and Fischer is on a TV detox program now. He was such a good boy while I was sick, he sat on the bed and watched TV when I couldn't muster up much interaction, and he sweetly read books and played games on the bed with me when I felt up to it. The two of us lived on my bed for 2 days and have come out of it healthy wealthy and wise.... or at least healthy.

While we are talking about it, let me just say I LOVE my bed! I do. There is nothing super spectacular about it. But it is big (king) and high (on cinder blocks), piled high with pillows (10) and draped with thick cozy blankets. I love it.

Oooh and my mother-in-law just finished the most incredible quilt for it. I'll have to snap a picture to show you. It is gorgeous - but of course I don't actually want to use it because it is too pretty and because the dogs and Fischer are always on the bed and that might goober it up! So instead I'll seal it up in a bag and unzip it for guests to have a quick peak at its beauty while I'm bragging about it, and then I'll zip it back into safety. Or maybe I'll just wait till Fischer isn't so sticky and the dogs are too old to jump that high, and then I'll put it on my bed and admire it all day long and never get anything done again.

All of our other bedding has at least one drop of chocolate milk, if not a spattering of it or a large stain of it, from Fischer who drinks it every morning.
-I feel that I should clarify "chocolate milk" for you as really Carnation Instant Breakfast that our doctor recommended he drink in lieu of vitamins. So really, I'm not a bad mom... I'm following doctor's orders (I'm just positive he meant have him drink a full packet of the stuff EVERYDAY for the rest of his life).

Some people use the phrase "in lieu of" to mean "in light of" BUT it does not mean that. It means "instead of". I always remember that from the movie My Girl, and of course that "you can never wear too much blue eye shadow".

While I don't wear blue eye shadow, in the past I'd been known to say (with a mouthful of cheddar) "you can never have too much cheese". (Once, I even said this to a guy at a party! Can you believe he didn't ask for my number after that?? He obviously must have been a vegan.) Anyway as it turns out, I can tell you for sure that that statement is so totally untrue. Shocked? I know, I was too.... totally disappointing. A few years of lactate pills and lots of lingering pounds have squelched that statement for me. It is only funny to say that when you are skinny. Oh and while I'm giving out free "life" lessons... Being a vegetarian doesn't mean that you just substitute all meat products with extra cheese. Trust me.

Where in the heck was I going with this? I'll let you know if I remember.

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