Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jedi Mind Trick

We've been having some problems lately with a Force power. Apparently Kaia has been using the Jedi Mind Trick on Fischer to get him to give her his breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
It started out with him giving in and doing it every time. But now that he has begun to resist, it appears to be getting more painful. Today he ran screaming toward me with toast in hand, saying "She keeps saying, (in a high pitched voice) 'I want some toast, give me some toast'".
It is getting so bad that he often will not allow her to be in the room or to look at him while he is eating.

All the while, she is just sitting there looking at him... like she is in the picture.

Seriously, he might be the next pet psychic. Ha ha, you laugh, but a few years ago, while I was pregnant with Fischer, Sophie and Kaia were having some problems... we invited an "animal communicator" to come to our house, just for fun... Let's just say I was totally blown away! She made me a believer in her skills. I think I'll tell you about her tomorrow.

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Liz and Jake said...

Do you think she can help me with my very naughty puppy who really isn't a puppy anymore!?!