Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Making powerful connections

Vital Ground is the organization founded by Doug and Lynne Seus and Bart the Bear to preserve wild land for the grizzly, which in turn preserves the land for all living things.

Operating as a land trust, the mission of The Vital Ground Foundation is to protect and restore North America's grizzly bear populations by conserving wildlife habitat. While preserving the areas where grizzlies roam is the focus of Vital Ground, the positive impact of our work goes well beyond saving a single species. Because the grizzly's range covers several hundred square miles−from alpine meadows to valley bottoms−protecting grizzly habitat benefits entire plant and animal communities in the wildest, most scenic places left on the continent. -Vital Ground

For more information check out their website and/or the video below.

You can support Vital Ground through Donations and promoting awareness. Remember talking about "Growing up Grizzly"? You can buy that book through the Vital Ground website to support their foundation. Also, one of the authors of that book, Douglas H. Chadwick, can be seen in the above video.

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