Monday, November 3, 2008

Obsessing on Grizzlies

Photo: Doug Seus and Bart the Bear (from Vital Ground)
After watching Growing Up Grizzly I and II on Animal Planet years ago (and sobbing from start to finish of both episodes)... I've had a growing fondness of grizzly bears and also of Doug and Lynne Seus. To say that Doug and Lynne raise and train grizzlies just doesn't paint the most accurate picture of this amazing couple and their family. I don't think I can explain the intense relationship, commitment, and pure love they have for their animals. They do train bears and other animals for film. They do it in a consistent, patient, positive, and genuine manner that is remarkable. I find them to be incredibly inspiring. Not only because of their devotion to their animals and their cause (we'll talk about that tomorrow), but because of the intense focus and presence they have when working with their animals. It is a focus and a presence that I'm ashamed to say I don't always have with Fischer. They talk about the fact that when they are with a grizzly bear, they have to be completely there and not have their mind on anything else. They spend hours playing with and teaching the bears everyday. They are truly building a significant relationship.
They are the "parents" of Bart the bear - remember him from Legends of the Fall, The Bear, The great Outdoors, etc? Bart Passed away about 5 years ago from Cancer. They have three other bears that they are raising and whom have been in the movies and on TV also (Bart 2, Honey Bump, and Tank). Here is a little clip:

I found Growing Up Grizzly 1 on EBay (on VHS), and I'm going to pick up the second. There is just something about Doug and the bears that I cannot get enough of! I'd give anything to go to their home and observe him with his grizzlies. I'd expect it to be the kind of awesome experience that inspires you to move mountains.


Raynola said...

Both Robert and I share your interest in bears, from Grizzly to Pooh. Robert's Tewa name translates to Red Bear Dancing. We love ya, we are extending Big BEAR hugs your way!

The Cundick Family said...

Lisa, that is too funny, we just watched Growing Up Grizzly on Saturday :) We bought it when it first aired 5 or 6 years ago...we love it and my boys love bears. We went to hold the baby bears when they were at Sportsman's Warehouse, it was amazing!! Do you remember Grizzly Adams?? I never missed and episode and now I want to find it so my boys can watch it. Have you seen Grizzly Man on Animal Planet?? Sad but a great story...Thanks for the post!!