Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I found the perfect ornament

I love Christmas ornaments. I love Christmas ornaments that document milestones in your life. AND so does my mom, so I have lots! Andy and I have ornaments to commemorate our wedding, first house, pregnancy, having a baby, our professions, our hobbies... you name it - and I love them all. So of course when Fischer was born... I wanted to do the same for him. His first Christmas was all about the "first Christmas" ornaments. His second Christmas, last year, was about his interests - trains, The Wiggles, motorcycles, and of course a St, Louis Cardinal World Series Ornament (because that is his Grandpa's team and that was a really big deal!). So this year, I'm on the hunt for the perfect ornaments. I'm looking for a fire truck (since that was this year's chosen profession), a garbage truck (because he loves them so much), a soccer ball (because he played that for the first time this year) and probably a hockey ornament (because he loves it like his daddy does). Now all of those are easy finds... except the garbage truck. I have only found one place to carry these - the good news is that you can choose from rear or front loader, personalize it with your name and year and you get to choose the color. Sooo, I'm sharing this in case anyone else needs a garbage truck Christmas ornament. Helzer's Creations is family owned and operated, they create personalized polymer ornaments for just about anything and anyone, they have ornaments for every profession, team, and interest. I must not be the first one to want a garbage truck ornament.

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