Friday, November 28, 2008

Bouncing Bust? No More!

I'm often asked what kind of sports bra I wear when running. Seriously, I was asked twice this month alone... so I thought I'd share. As a woman with an abundant bust, finding a good sports bra was a challenge. I often layered two or even three to minimize movement during aerobic exercise. I can't stand ANY bounce. Running was so annoying with all of those bras layered on... until... I found... drum roll please... the Enell! I've heard that even Oprah has worn this bra. When I first found this online I could only find one store in my area that carried it (a specialty running store). I really wanted to be able to try it on because the sizing was strange and the price was higher than I would like. Let me say right now that this thing is worth every penny! It is not sexy, but I don't care... in fact most of my friends whom I've flashed while wearing it, thought it looked like some sort of armor or breast plate. So what? Two marathons later and I STILL LOVE IT! It works and I am free to do anything I want while wearing it... so there you go. Now you know.


Casdok said...

Glad i popped by - my sister runs and has been looking for a good bra. Cheers!

Angela said...

Excellent, I'll have to look that bra up!

So how did the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner go for Fisher? Did he eat any? Nicky ate a couple of rolls and cranberry sauce. That was it. Aw well. More for me! :)

And I want to hear about this pet psychic! Our dog Benjamin (choc lab) tries to use his jedi powers also. But instead of mind tricks, he tries a form of telekinesis. If he stares long enough at the food he's sure it will float right into his mouth.